Thursday, 20 May 2010

304. Salads!


On my vegetarian day today, can you tell?

I realize, I am a usually quite a vegetarian (as a diet plan, not because I love animals kind of vegetarian) Anyways, I am usually a vegetarian unless I start meeting people and eat out or happen to be at the Hjelmstads!

*Le Sigh, why do I have no self control? :(

And no, I am not a healthy eater at all, just yesterday I had a chocolate cake, a chocolate sundae and Chicken Tika! Ahh, what massive calorie bomb! :(

My idea is as such, either I can drive myself anorexic trying to get the ideal body (which I would, if I could) or every now and then allow myself to enjoy a little bit of life's little pleasures, just a little more in moderation. 

Sounds like a good plan?

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