Friday, 7 May 2010

286. The weekends!

Life cannot be all good and no bad sides about it right :)
Tomorrow will always be another day, and no matter how bad things are, I have had it better than many others.

So, sappy sad Twitter updates aside. 
I have had a brilliant week this week!

Well, I got home from Denmark last Tuesday and have only been trying to read and read and read for the exams. That and spend time with Magnarboy.

Then yesterday we had the opportunity to do something extra ordinary! We went over to the Tusenfryd! 
Which if you don't know, is a theme park over here in Norway!
It was aweeeeesome!

Never mind, I am getting too old for rides and my adrenaline rushes aren't that great anymore, it was a nice change of environment! :)

So, maybe I can make my weekend awesome too?
What are you all doing this weekend?

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