Sunday, 23 May 2010

307. Grzegorz Neimczuk

I forgot an important bit of my dinner yesterday, I got to personally meet this guy.

Heck, I even got to make dinner for him! 
The Røkholts attract a lot of awesome people over to their home!

I had completely no idea who he was, until Ellen (Johanne's mum) made him play the piano, and OH. MY. GOD. I was completely gobsmacked. 

Completely gobsmacked.

I feel that the Youtube video doesn't do him enough justice, but you got to believe me he was amazing on the piano! His emotions, his movements, every note he touches, *squeals*

  And, I for one am a huge sucker for anyone who plays the piano!
And when you can play like that ... *le sigh*

You know what is more amazing about this guy, it is that he was also an amazing normal guy with extra ordinary talents. He was really friendly, very humble and completely well cute. :)

So yeah, that was a fun day yesterday!

And if you are wondering, yes he plays music for a living and has won countless of music awards. So, he isn't just an ordinary guy who plays a piano.


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Lisa! said...

I like looking at him too, thus Youtube all the way.
*Tee hee! :P


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