Sunday, 16 May 2010

298. Pictures!

I actually really like this picture!
All its imperfections is just awesome.

Finally, picture from last week. Guess the constant nag finally did it. *Tee hee!

I dont know if you can tell, but here in Norway. It is like a strawberry season.
So, I have been eating strawberries for the past weeks! Mainly Belgian though.

And after being in Norway for some time, I can tell you this much, there really is no better strawberries than the Norwegian ones. They are so much sweeter has a lot more taste in them!

But until July comes, we have to make do with whatever we can get, right!

Oh and I only found out that the versatility of strawberries is insane.
Here we have the classic chocolate sauce and strawberries!

Want the recipe?
Unfortunately, I have none.

It is just half a bar of dark choco
and about 50 ml of cream, stirred on top of a water bath. 


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