Friday, 7 May 2010

290. Relationships 1.0


The first thing I learnt about relationships is definitely this. Expectations.

When we are younger, all we see are happy couples on cartoons, Prince Charming being there for every single Princess, Prince Charming always looks spectacular and flawless, they wait indefinitely for that one Princess, and in other words, they were just the "perfect man"

It has also been embedded in us that, second best is never good enough.
In many ways, I still want the best of everything. But when it comes to relationship, the way I see it, there is no such thing as perfection.

I have never came across one. Honestly, have you?

That person always seeking perfection. That person is always me.
I mean, Why should we settle for anything less when our happiness right?

That was before I realize this one flaw in seeking perfection.
In perfection, comes illusions. 

Illusions of things, that you become deluded believing that perfection exist. And you know exactly what happens when you look for perfection, you overlooked what right there in front of you. You push aside an entire perfectly fine person because they come with some flaws.

I cannot lie, but it did take me a few months to see Magnar for the wonderful guy he was. Still is. 

So what? he is not a royal family (so I can become an official princess?) So what? I don't get showered with flowers and chocolates every day? So what if I don't get trips to Paris for the weekend? So what if he doesn't buy me my Chanel's and Marc Jacobs?

Magnarboy is better than Prince Charming, mainly because he is real.
And he has given me more than any Prince could have, he has given me a chance to look at myself and realize that life is worth living. That there is possible to open yourself out to more people than just yourself.

I don't really need my material wants and needs, things and money are a measure of nothing. And more often than not, they are things you can easily get with a little hard work.

And before looking for someone elses' flaws, remind yourself that everyone is flawed. 
And that includes basically you and me.

So relationship cliché #1 : True
Its easy to like someone for their perfections, but when you can look past that is when you know you have something special.

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kenwooi said...

expectations are inevitable.. but i dont like expectation of being prince charming and princess.. lol =P


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