Thursday, 20 May 2010

305. 20 minutes.

What can one do when they have to wait a whole 20 minutes for the hair to set?
If you were me, this is what I do. 

All that, and making the blog post only took a total of 5 minutes. Meh.

Bored already.

And don't you dare say that rollers are for old people, they work aweeeeesome!
So, what else can I do for the next 15 minutes?

Oh, and have you checked this site out?


Queen Messy said...

That wedding dress site! SO EVIL!
I don't even care what she did, you don't DO THAT! noooo :(

Lisa! said...

I thought he was brilliant, me!
Its like the best revenge ever, plus they are getting divorced anyways, what was she going to use the dress for?


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