Sunday, 9 May 2010

291. Movies I want to watch

I am so backlogged with my movies it is not even funny. And the fact that this is exam seasons just doesn't help.

Off the top of my head, here must be at least 10 movies I want to try and watch before the summer movie season starts, which would just add to my ever growing list!

Can you believe it that I haven't even watched Twilight yet. :)
That shows how much of a fan I am to the whole Twilight saga I guess!

I think I am going to try and make Magnar watch FishTank with me this Thursday!

Have you seen that movie?


Queen Messy said...

I remember seeing Twilight at your house and you were there, therefore you must have seen Twilight. I love being contrary!

Lisa! said...

Twlight Number 2.
Soon Twilight 3 is coming up! More movies to add to my need to watch soon!


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