Sunday, 23 May 2010

306. Malaysian Dinner!

Johanne's family invited me over for their International Dinner yesterday and it so happened that yesterday was International Dinner from Malaysia!

Om nom nom nom!

And so, I was asked/they suggested that I made dinner and so I did!
I made some lamb curry and Roti Canai starters, A Chicken Briyani entré, and Fried Banana Friters with exotic fruits and longan caramel. 
(Okay, exotic fruits is just really longan and laici's from a can)

Well, it went down well with everyone, so I guess it wasn't so bad? I am quite biased over my own cooking so, only Johanne can tell you if the food was okay!

Wonder if I can interest you guys with the recipe for the desert for it was amazing!

And since I do not have any pictures from yesterday, here is more pictures of me. Because I am mega yummy too! :P HAHAHA

PS: Johanne, why was there no pictures yesterday? WHY?


Queen Messy said...

Your Dinner was AMAZING. I LOVE ROTI. like... LOVE LOVE LOVE ROTI and the beef curry you made was peerrrfect with it. Thank you SOOOOO MUCH!

I know, I'm so sorry I didn't get my camera to get pictures yesterday! But I'm sure you know where to come on the 1st of January! I'm also dragging along a certain someone who has an affinity for guys in suits :)

Lisa! said...

Who else besides me have an affinity for guys in suits?


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