Tuesday, 10 March 2009

002. Pictures.

Photo credits : Magnar.

10th March 2009
I think that just because I have got myself a new domain, I have more urges to blog. :)
So lets milk this urge for what its worth.
Only problem is that, I really dont know what to blog about. I had my Math Mock Exams today, but with that being said, its Mathematics.

I could only remember once when I was little that Mathematics have interest me. But at that time, what I was doing was 1+1=2, 2+2=4, 3+3=7.

Oh I am kidding! I am not that hopeless in Math. I know that 3+3=33. :)

I found this excellent quote about Math from Tenzing´s Facebook profile, and I cannot agree more.

"I didn't go into nuclear technology because people can use it for destructive purposes.
That's why i do pure math; no one can use it for anything" - Wojciech Kosek"
I do not know who this Wojciech Kosek dude is, but I can already tell, he is surely a smart one.

*Picture time!
The one thing I realize I like doing very much is talking on the phone. Hey, I am only a girl right. There is always so much to catch up on. Almost anytime, all the time :)

Although so, I certainly cannot say the same for skiing. Although I must admit that the Norwegian winter is at times absolutely amazing, their winter sport is not always so. And, sometimes I am starting to feel that trying to teach me how to ski is an absolute lost cause.
Can you feel the parallels it has with Math?. Absolute lost cause.

Because, instead of me being able to this,
90% of the time, you see me in this position instead.

Though, if anything, Ice-skating is the one winter activity that I am sort of able to do. :)
The term "able" is used quite loosely here.

Now, random pictures!

I took that picture! Delicious.
And the rest, are pictures of us being bored...

*All pictures are from Magnar´s Mac

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