Monday, 16 March 2009

007. Learning the piano

No, I certainly do not play that sheet. 

I just realized today that its has been about half a year since I started to "play" the piano.
The term play used rather loosely. It has always been sort of a want of mine since I was a little, but I have never had the opportunity to learn it, main reason being I doubt my parents ever thought I would stick to learning it long enough, to be willing to waste tens of thousands of Ringgits. So, I was always stuck playing other `cheaper´ instruments. And as always being from Malaysia, if you do not excel in it, there was almost no point of pursuing it further. Sucks really.

In their defense, I suppose they were right. I have never been musically talented, or have even stuck to actually finish learning anything. I always call it quits within months if I never saw any progress. :) 

I have always loved the sound of the piano! Even Marius agrees, since everytime I link him to a song I think its good, he always says "Piano music again Lisa?", I suppose one could say I am a sucker for it. 

Back to my story, since about half a year ago. I started to learn how to play the piano with I suppose one of the most patient "teacher" yet. One who is relatively supportive, rather patient, but above all, rather fun and have never given any homework! So, my interest grew so much that unknowingly, I realized that sometimes I can even find myself practicing on the Garage Band. :/

So, after about 6 or so month. I can "play" about 2 songs. :P
Yes, mock me. Progress is horribly slow, but I am in it for the fun! And that is all that matter isnt it? I am certainly not going to ever be good enough to for example make a living out of it or anything. So, fun sounds like a good replacement doesn´t it. 

Oh, I just realized how I dont know where this blog post is heading. Basically, its one more thing you now know about me. :)
Next post I am going to bombard you with foreign songs! 

Music Playlist at

*Right, so these are the few mainstream songs that I eventually would love to learn. And yes, I am aware they are not "piano music, music". This are just songs that I can easily find on the widget.The songs are all off the back of my head, and I am not really sure if they are qualified to be classified as piano music, but heck. They sound good anyways.

**One more thing,you know to make sure we are ultimately human, many websites requires us to type a certain word or phrase. But have you ever had the time where sometimes, you wonder, what letters are these?!. This is not the best example, but this was today´s experience.

*** One more, have you read this?


Anonymous said...

Wow. This is the longest blogpost I've ever seen.

Lisa rock your socks! said...

Haha!. Your just too fast. And I just like pressing the "enter" button, before I wrote anything. :P


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