Monday, 16 March 2009

008. Back to manic Mondays.

I took that picture of Mr.Dog

I realized how much I have been blogging lately, its almost ludicrous. I really do think that its probably the blogger bug, and its effects should soon see the end of it. 

Now, I am just thinking. If I manage to do 52 blog post (which is the magic number), would that mean I succeeded in my "Project 52?" :). I suppose as always, the term "success" is totally subjective.

Here are some things that I was pondering about yesterday.

Although according to the visit counter, I generate about 50-60 new readers each day. With that being said, I only receive about 2 comments to each post I make, usually none at all. 
Sounds like I am bitching about it, but not No. I am not bitching about the fact that I do not receive comments, because as Sofie once said in a comment, I tend to write to much that by the time it comes to commenting, people usually do not know what to say any longer. :P
Fair enough if you ask me, I blog hop so much but I myself rarely leave a comment. Because what do I say, "Nice day!!!!, hip hip hurra! We should all hail you" =/
Afterall, my blog tells about my daily rants. And there really is nothing to say about it. I do it for my own personal pleasure.
So, I thought I should just shrug this "agenda" aside for now. But I am starting to think that people are here just to look at the pictures I post up and rarely read what I write. That is okay for now. I did put the pictures there for a reason to begin with. :)

2. How much should one reveal on blogs
I have always pondered a little bit on this one, blogs to me are a little bit of a private space where I write and allow readers (most of whom I do not even know about), into my little world. And of course, people being people. They talk.
Sometimes I edit, re-edit, and re-re-edit blogs and consider for a while before I click the "publish post" button. I wonder if what I am saying now could and perhaps will be used against me later in life. Usually there are many post that never made it out to public anyways. 
But then to counter that, I then also occasionally wonder, why am I not wanting to just say it aloud? What is it that could be so important that I am worried could be used against me. Why write then if you might ask. I ponder about this point for a while now, so here is an except of my once "Private" blog post on my former blog, written in mid 2008 :), I cant remember why I wrote this. Nostalgia... :P

" I sat wondering today, while being late to school, 
Why am I not writing to public?
Why am I hiding all this thoughts I have.
Who am I running from anyways?

Answer is clear. Really.
Fear this information might one day be used to get back at me.
Why open up to the world that much right.
They dont really care about you anyways. People are just looking for things to talk ABOUT you anyways.
Not with you.

Why then blog at all you ask?
Well, I cant bottle that much up.
There is a volume and measurement in my head I can take, and it is really starting to fill up.
And, if you think this is remotely even close to whats in my head.
Then, your certainly wrong.
And, I believe that I am much better at expressing myself in words anyways.
Written ones. Not verbal ones.

This is my blog.
My words.
And my thoughts.
Its none of your concern what I do with it.
Or what it is capable of.
And, if I do tell you, its then a privilege
And I choose to tell you"

*Goodness, must be when I was going through the mood swing period, so emo. Mood swing = part of puberty = part of growing up. :P

That pretty much sums it I think. Plus I don´t think you guys want to see the more super emo-sensitive side of me anyways. :) There are so much bigger problems in this world to be bothering about small things. Plus somethings I like holding it dear to just me. And me only. Everyone needs a little bit of privacy too right.
Above that, lets face it. I do have the tendencies to tell a bit, at least sometimes I think so.

*Random note : Incase you do not know, I am sort of a closet poet. I do not write very well, but I do occasionally write poems, and my private posts as I have came to notice are usually poems showing my "softer side"

3. Length of each blog posts
Curious question : Do people really want to read all this rants?, should I keep my posts as short as I could without compromising content?, should I insert less pictures?
This is a baffling question that I have always pondered upon. I have a tendency to write to much, unknowingly if you must. Then by the time I do some corrections I realized, "Oh my! That was such a long post" =__=
A little bit like this one if you must. So, I should shut up now.

Ill rant more sometime. :)

Such a retarded picture of me... :(

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Kakedama said...

okay first of all 52 blogs is not enough. You have to write for a week. I mean I have not been watching you blog all that closely because you said you would blog ONCE A WEEK. But your time perspective is a bit screwed. I do love reading your rants though :) And that "retard" picture of is one of my favorite pictures. So don't insult it! We DO read. At least I do. But then its hard to find something to say to it. I mean "oh that sounds like fun" gets repetitive, and I can't compliment the pictures, as I took them. But I don't actually find the comment thing to click, it was all tiny. So I did not know I could even comment until today(!)


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