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009. What can one do in Oslo?

I now understand when people say, once you go over to the DSLR world, you cannot turn back. Because its so true... My pictures are so uncool today.

Back to the daily hassle and bustle of life for another 5 days. Then weekend again :)
Only life really isn´t too bad. Always look at is as half full. Surround yourself with people who brings out the best in you. They ensure that life is fulfilling and most of all, keeps you happy.
(Gee, I must have been reading too much self help books at Tanum earlier), Tanum in Paleet is effing amazing.

I morn er min Norske muntlig eksamen. :(
Jeg skal snakker om Hedda Gabler av Henrik Ibsen på 5 minuter. Jeg tror at det kan blir litt problematisk fordi jeg har så mer til sier, og 5 minuter er ingenting! 
Etterhvert skal jeg snakker for 3 til 4 minuter med læren om den. Jeg håper at jeg ikke fikk en spørsmal jeg har aldri tenker på. :)
Den, skal jeg bruker 3 til 4 minuter på en "ukjent tekst" og snakker om det. Men, I dag har jeg velg 5 emne for i morn :). Jeg har valgt til a snakker om "Min liv etter IB", "Stortinget", "Hva kan man gjøre i Oslo", "Skole i Norge", eller "Norske vinteren"

Anyways, enough with the Norwegian for a while. I obviously have got some work cut out for me. Although so, the harder part of this would be the last part of the orals as you dont really know what to prepare yourself for. But I did sort of hint to Guri that I would rather speak about "What can one do in Oslo" or the "Parliment". So, brainstorming time for me.

Lets start with the
"What can one do in Oslo"
I was thinking since you all also live relatively close to Oslo, and practically go there daily you could help with the ideas. :) I was hoping to make the presentation as personal as possible so the examiner might feel some sympathy on my questionable Norwegian skills.
  • Oslo is the capital city of Norway. :)
  • Has a population of about 580 thousand, therefore is one of Scandinavia´s largest growing city
  • With the population comes numerous and countless of things to do
  • First,right of the train at Oslo S. One can start the tour with the visit to new Opera house. The Opera was completed in 2008 and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year due to its architectural value,and the fact that one of its main attraction is that visitors can walk on its rooftop and take a magnificent look at Oslo City from up there.
  • Once we soaked in the magnificent view of the fjords and the city, we would then proceed into walking down the ever so famous Karl Johan Gata. 
  • Karl Johan Gata is the main street in Oslo, and  holds most of the cities stores.
  • Definitely a shoppers paradise, with over 200 stores all lined up and compacted into one street, ranging from well known brands such as Loius Vuitton to general department stores such as H&M
  • Other than that, by just walking down Karl Johan, there would be numerous of places to take a quick bite, with the various cafe´s and restaurants along the street. Along Karl Johan we would find TGI Fridays, Hard Rock Cafe or just regular Norwegian cafes, perfect to soak in the Norwegian lifestyle.
  • While walking down Karl Johan as well, one would be greeted and bombarded with a lot of things to see. To the left, half way down Karl Johan, we would be greeted with the Norwegian Theater, and the Norwegian Parliment. Both these buildings are an amazing spectacle of architecture.
  • Above that, if the time is right, the Parliament host a free tour of the building and therefore could be very interesting to historical buffs. 
  • Once that is done, at the end of Karl Johan one cannot miss to pay a visit to the Norwegian Palace. Maybe if you are in luck, the flag would be raised, and then you will know that the King is home.
  • If your in for more adventure, one could then take a short walk out of Oslo, to Aker Bryggae and sit by the sea side, admiring the yachts and boats parked there. 
  • Being part of an European culture, Oslo also has loads of parks where one can take a walk and enjoy the fresh air. One of the more famous parks is the Frogner parken where we could see statues of naked people formed and sculpted to a spectacle of arts.
  • Oslo also offers numerous Museums such as the Munch Museum, The National Gallery, The Henrik Ibsen Museum, etc. etc.
  • In conclusion, Oslo is a place of wonders. Its just about taking a walk, and there certainly is something to witness and to see. :)
That felt like I wrote a Travel Guide to Oslo. Pfft, if you want a personal guide to Oslo, mail me. Because after this presentation I would be like a pro-Oslo-er :P
Now, I am sure that was at least 10 minutes. But since I have to do it in Norwegian. I would probably skip half of it :). Perfect. Now, only got to prepare 4 more... :( AND my Hedda Gabler presentation. Can you feel the joy in my voice!

*Yes, I am aware I now have a new Ad unit on my blog. Google´s Adsense :)
**I think my tab on the left side is slightly whacked up, as you can tell.. the corners doesnt align. Anyone know how to fix it?

The Boy, he must quite like the roofs :)

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