Sunday, 29 March 2009

016. Beauty pt.2

* I shall start by saying I am now about 1 NOK (after conversion) richer from the blog advertisements!
Now, I wonder if there is a way to check my GoogleAdsense account. Maybe there I might also be lucky enough to generate another 1 NOK :). Ahh, bliss. One step closer to getting that Ben&Jerry's Chocolate Brownie ice-cream I really really want.
At this rate, keep dreaming Lisa.

In the midst of some confusion and just the general excitement to write about something else, I did not remember the other few rather interesting perception of beauty in the world, featured on that episode on Oprah. :)
(I am starting to wonder, if I am really intrigued by the general perception of beauty or the usually unique locations of these places, which I never knew existed before!)
  • Maori woman and their chin tattoo's
Picture source : Google

Personally, I thought this was rather interesting as well. The Maori people are actually indigenous people of a Polynesian from Aotearoa (which if Sharanna wasn't in Sweden, she would have been here :)). Anyways, one of the Maori people's definition of beauty is to have tattoo's done. I believe they are called Ta moko. Ta moko is different from tattoo because the skin is craved instead of being punctured (source : Wikipedia)

Woman of the Maori tribe, perceive beauty as having getting a Ta moko done on their chin and lips. And woman with blue lips are considered very beautiful. I suppose this is another good example of how beauty is ultimately subjective. I wonder what are the main reasons that one would consider going through such changes, and for the Maori's I think it is for the sense of pride. Pride that they belong to the Maori tribe. :)

I only wonder, if I would ever have that much attachment and pride towards my own heritage to do anything of that sort.

And on the bright side, They never have to worry about the correct shade of lip stick. :)

  • Long Neck Woman of Thailand (?)
Picture source : from Google

Surely we have all heard about this before, woman who uses brass rings to elongate their necks. I never knew the woman who practices this was from Thailand. With questionable resources, this woman are apparently from a place called Mae Hong Song just around the border of Thailand and Burma. 

Out of curiosity, I wonder if they are in any pain, apparently the weight of the brass rings could weigh up too 12 pounds. And then I wonder, without the brass rings, what happens then?

Anyways, I found a rather interesting article about this on the net. I suppose its only a matter of time before people start taking advantage of people who simply do not fit the same persona we think is normal.

  • Lip plates
Now, this was not featured in Oprah, but I think it should have, because personally I think its really interesting yet rather disturbing all at the same time. I am sure we all have heard of the woman from a remote tribe in Ethiopia (?) who stretches their bottom lips so they are able to find a husband. And apparently, the larger the bottom lip is the higher the dowry.

Picture source : Google

Now, that MUST hurt? Gladly enough, I think this practice of self modification is no longer practiced as much as they use too.

I suppose if you were to ask me, the first question that would cross my mind when I read and hear about all this is whether or not the woman were presented with options. I understand that usually, they are not presented with options and all this body modification are usually forced upon. For example the lip stretching starts from a little girl. I think being raised and being thought of all the human rights, I do not think its acceptable. Again, who am I to say...

Most times, the people who practiced all this are secluded from society and have no access to the outside world. How are they then supposed to know what is acceptable and not. And 'acceptable' again, is another utterly subjective term. Surely it's acceptable to them, and if they have been practicing it all this time, would it then be okay to take it away. Take away their culture, heritage, practice.

I am contradicting myself aren't I. Oh well.

If it was your own personal decision too allow this to happen (with full knowledge of consequences), I really do not see such a big problem with it then. "Asalkan bahagia" as I like saying. "As long as your happy" :)

** I was thinking, if I was crazy enough and want to look for something to show my pride, what would I do.. Then I remembered, the Chinese woman's and foot binding. Shocking.

Picture source : Google 

You know what I say. I say I'll pass. Maybe I don't love it that much after all. :)

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