Saturday, 28 March 2009

015. Pictures

Today's picture feature : Johanne 
Seems like there are more pictures of you then anybody else! Heh.
I supposing it is Johanne's camera, I would say not that surprising.




Depending on the bitchy-ness of the internet connection. Here are some pictures taken by with Johanne's very sexy camera mostly by me and by Johanne. *pats in the back*

Lisa likes this.


Flower in the hair

More artsy fart-sy pictures :)

Coriander by Yours Truly

Shopping with the kiddo's. As you can tell, I was the walking coat rack.

*I am really starting to like taking pictures! 'Photography' as they like calling it :)

Thought of the day.
Would you give everything up,
In a pursuit of something more?
Something unknown,
an illusion, a hope.

Knowing it's perhaps not the right thing.
But perhaps for the best.

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