Wednesday, 11 March 2009

003. Pictures

Just because the color contra on that picture is fabulous I insist on putting this picture up, though I would suggest you can all ignore the not all that good looking picture of me. What do you expect, it was my after Math look. 

Lately, I have started to take loads of notice towards good quality, good focus photographs. Usually,I think that the quality of pictures doesnt matter as my idea of a picture is to capture the moment. :)

*Psst, I think it has something to do with lately I have been mingling with either people who take good pictures, or people with effing good camera´s, or both* 

I mean, take a look at this pictures. With exception of the picture above, today´s picture are all from Johanne :). Considering Johey gave me literally hundreds of pictures, I would only feature a tiny fraction of them.

I mean really, look at it, even when acting so bimbotic, because of the picture quality, its tolerate-able! 

Oh, yes. I am vain. Like you didnt already know that.

Sadly, valentine is a while ago. And mine was awesometastic :)

Just so you dont think that the only reason as to why I am loving these pictures is the fact that I am on them, I shall tell you, I took that picture!

We were on our way to Oslo. Cannot remember what for though.

Now I remember, it was to meet Oda. :)

Torbjørn, my ever faithful train buddy.

As always the Duu, duu looks good. :)

My Mocha at Garcon, why need Photoshop right.

Boys will be boys :)
Even little kiddies, after several throws at him, he finally went "Ouuuu". Adorable.
Yes, not all pictures turn out good, there are exceptions.
Oh no!
Simply, boys.
More funny faces.
The rabbit.

Anyways, usually I would be complaining as to how boring life is and such. But lately, believe or not, although we have not been doing that much additional things, it feels so much more spontaneous. I love being random and spontaneous!. Surprise me. :)

For instance, I tried playing floor ball last week, and I thought it was an absolute blast, I will perhaps go again sometime, was nice meeting some new younger generation friends. If anything maybe there was way too much running around in that sport, and if you know me... running is simply not my thing. I mean, I complained enough as it is, walking up flights of stairs.

Other then that, last weekend was the Kaliningrad Flea Market, generally I would have to say, we hosted a so much better flea market. But it was awesome fun none the less, got myself (or should I say Magnar paid for) for a relatively new computer bag for a mere 25NOK! Amazing right. Above that, I cannot seem to find where I put my computer bag, so this is perfect. Life´s little bliss moments I tell you.

The mocks is this week as well, so been slightly busy burning the midnight oil, "occasionally". This is the only structured part of life really.

What else have I been up too, Oh yeah. Boy and I took a trip to Hard Rock Cafe in Oslo last week. 
If you ask my honest opinion, I did not think the food was that impressive, but the whole ambience and atmosphere was a nice change. And like I always say "it really cost about the same as a Burger King meal". Plus, its Hard Rock Cafe, you get the privilege of saying "I have been there, done that".

I am sure there are loads more things that I have been doing last week, I just cannot remember them all. I am starting to get the hang of this whole living by yourself mode of life really. I think I have made it through the withdrawal period, where nights were crazy lonely, and the house felt almost scary. Yes, call me paranoid.

*I have got myself a new idea as to knowing what to write about occasionally, I was going to start another project called "Profile in Focus" whereby I write about some interesting, some inspirational people, some just simply a nobody. I was thinking I could make it part of my Project 52. You dig? :)

**Stop reminding me that I am still using the Blogspot as my host, Geez. I am working on it. :)


Anonymous said...

Nice blog! And nice pictures! Though you write so much, so I dont remember what to comment - haha!
PS : I copied your widget thing - muhuhaha!

Thomas said...

OY! Nice blog! Fun to see the pictures, esp the ones I missed out on.
Btw, Thought I'd mention that I've made a blog of my own here!


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