Friday, 13 March 2009

005. Seeing double

*As you can see, editing pictures are not my thing either.

Today was the last day of the Mock exams :), Hip hip hurra!
Now only 20 or so more papers to go during the final exams *yet again* , and I am done for good. Hopefully I could start thinking of universities soon.

I thought that I did relatively well for this to be my Norwegian paper. For once I am quite proud of myself, I managed to write about 4 pages filled of pretty much crap with the addition of relatively good grammar. I wrote about mainly our summer trip to the UK and how it could be used as an historical place of interest. Oh well, we could just see how this goes. Again,its over and done with.

You know when people say, they can smell spring in the air. Believe it or not, perhaps we can!
Days are getting brighter,paved roads are starting to emerge once again, the colour green could be spotted along the sidewalks, people´s moods are getting merrier, the smell of fresh air through the window instead of piercing cold winds. Oh, the joy of spring time, and it can only get better!
*Now, I have to wish I do not speak too soon, because for all I know, tomorrow heavy storm falls*

As usual, its soon Russ time again, where students run amok, disregard all rules, act like a fool, be an average teen. I could only remember all the fun times we had. I would never forget how we used a trolley from Kiwi to the McDonalds Drive Through, ate a burger in 2 bites!, sat under tables for an entire hour, you guys ran into random stranger cars, and all that other nonsense. Ahhh, bliss. Good memories really.

*My horrible attempt at eating a burger in 2 bites

*I managed it didnt I :). I do look like I was going to barf, and let me tell you, I thought I was. And yes, blackmail me with that picture all you like.

*McDonalds Drive Through, Russ style

I usually dont speak much about this matter, but perhaps just for today and just so Boy knows that I did not forget afterall, I can proudly say that we have made it in terms of months, to a double digit number. :)

It would be an out right lie to say that everything was smooth all the time, because we have had humps and bumps and roller coaster rides too. Who said it was going to be smooth sailing right?


imin said...

hey sorry for the late reply.
i don't even have time to sleep now adays :D
nice meeting you :] where r u from lisa?


Lisa rock your socks! said...

Right, so where do I reply to your comment?
I hope this way works.

I am from Malaysia :D, I just moved to Norway about 3 years ago.

I hope it all went well on your exams.


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