Thursday, 19 March 2009

010. Lillehamer

The pictures really doesn´t capture the true beauty of this place. :(

"Road tripping", 
Yesterday I took a trip to Lillehamer!
In case you don´t know what Lillehamer is, Lillehamer was the location for the 1994 Winter Olympics and I think its obvious from walking around the city that the fact that it was the the location for the Winter Olympics was quintessential. Everywhere you go, your quite reminded of it. 
Slightly off Lillehamer as well, lies Tretten. Where Magnar´s Bestemor lives, and she had to back after some days in Lillestrøm, which could possible the main reason why we were going there. But I rather like the sound of road trip better. So road trip it is :)
Lillehamer also happens to be my first location outside Akershus and Oslo, its quite sad to know that even after almost 3 years living here in Norway I have yet to go outside Oslo. I suppose going to Torp doesn´t count as whenever I am there, I either fly to Dublin or London.

Anyhow. It was an extremely fun trip all in all, and the fact that I went to some deep sleep right after I got home, would probably tell you that I was definitely worn out from all that fun.

Lets try and see, if I can sum the entire day as concise as possible.

Our road trip started at about 9 and after about what I thought over an hour of driving. I simply asked, "Where are we?", and guess what Boy casually answer, "Kløfta" (which is where I go every week) :/
All that excitement for nothing.

Anyways, more hours on the road and we stopped in Espa where they claim to sell "The worlds best buns". I thought they were above average, but "The Best" is a bit over-rated. By this time, the battery on the Macbook has died out, and I have already watched the newest episode of House. So, time to absorb all that pretty view.
It was an utterly amazing feeling going away from Oslo, and the city and all its hustle, to clear white snow, mountains and clean air!

To keep to the "concise" attempt. We reach Tretten at about 2.00pm ;)
Went on the sledge (or whatever it might be called), über fun!
Got the car stuck on the Hjelmstad´s farm.
Walked on dead bodies, I suppose people call it the graveyard to see the Bestefar.
Ate waffles and had some cocoa. Look at some memorabilia.

*Fast forward*

Lillehamer City, slightly like Karl Johan

Drove to Lillehamer :)
Saw Hafjell, sort of understand now why people go skiing there frequently.
Went to the Olympic ski jump. Walked up to the ski jump. Took us over an hour to get up and down again mind you!, it was almost like a crazy workout. A fun one if you must.
Got hungry, went to the city for a small walk.
Lillehamer does remind me a little bit of Oslo, just slightly less dense.
Ate at some Italian restaurant. :)
By the time, it was almost 7.00pm. Got to start the journey home. By this time we were both a little bit tired.

So, this comes the extra fun bit of the trip. Somewhere about half way through the journey home...
While I was busy sms-ing and fooling around, there is this wave of uneasiness that arose. You know that intuition that something was not right. So, I put the phone down and looked over at Magnar.
 And then he said ;
Magnar : "Yes, we are not running on any engine" (or something along those lines)
Lisa : ... (You can tell instantly he is not kidding, what else can one say)
Magnar : "And Yes, I am scared"
Lisa : ... =_=", Perfect.

With the blinker lights on and Magnar attempting to start the car again, we were pretty much "rolling on the highway" (somehow that expression sounds so much better, on a happy situation) :P, we were rolling and rolling for about, 200 meters or something. Scary.
As every time Magnar tries to start the car again, all the lights would go off for a fraction of a second. And be reminded, there was cars coming at us! 
To make things worse!, they were building on our side of the road, so there was no curb we could pull into onto our side, and had to pretty much look for another spot across the road. With cars still coming at us... 

Anyways, eventually the car started again right when we turned into the curb. So off on our way again.

Stopped at a petrol station, made some calls.
Kept on driving as I think the car was just going on some hormonal issues. There was absolutely no reason why that should have happened. What´s amazing is that in all this the Dude is exceptionally good at keeping calm and composed. ;)

*More fast forwards*

Drove to Johannes place to pick up her Manedskort.
And while we were on the same way, dropped by George´s place in Fenstad too. 
All for the sake of nothing. :)
Got home at about 9 or something. 
Boy spent some time in Bodung, then went on his way home.
Johanne came over at about 1 am. While I was in some really deep sleep. :)

All in all, absolutely fantastic day. Thank You.

Result of a days work, it was sparkly clean when we started!

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