Wednesday, 25 March 2009

013. Café People

Iced Mocha (...) and Mocha (...)

What have I said before about the fact that it was just the blogger bug that has been biting me, updates are starting to get mellow. I think there are possibly 2 factors that is causing this.
  1. Life is simply getting busier and busier everyday.
  2. There is no more fun camera´s to play with so I can take ridiculously clear and focused pictures.
Anyways, just to keep my blog alive. Here is something I plan to do in a short while. Since a certain Boy and I share the liking of going to cafés (or we are always slightly bored) 
Lately, we are into the whole idea of "independent cafes", I suppose we would bump into a few more along the course of the next few weeks.

*Just to clarify, independent meaning. Not where we go everyday/often. It also should not be some mainstream cafés, with MANY exception due to the fact that Norway always have chains of the same cafés anyways. Just like Starbucks I suppose.

I was thinking I could soon write about some absolutely awesome cafés around Lillestrøm and Oslo or those worth talking and recommending too. 

Yesterday it was "the first café that we see after 3 blocks, regardless if it is nice or not" and we happen to stumble upon Stockfleths (spelling questionable) just about one street down ever famous Karl Johan. 

After my horrible, and I mean horrible experience with Iced/Blended Coffee´s in Norway. This one was acceptable. Not in any way great or in any comparison to Starbucks. 
This was again acceptable. :)

If ever you are a fan of tea, you should most definitely come here to try their Chai Latte. Not that I know what it tastes like, but you get to see the woman behind the counter "preform" a sort of "pulling" motion with her tea. In Malaysia, its almost like the drink Teh Tarik. Just ask my best friend Google, if you really want to know. 

The location of this place is slightly harder to find, but just know "3 blocks down Karl Johan, first right from Østbanehallen" :) You can also get the same chain of coffee over at Oslo City.
Oh, another thing about this place is that, because of the size of the place, you could smell all the new freshly brewed coffee and tea. *Yummmm

One place one should never. I repeat, never. Try the Ice-Coffee from Ritazza in Gardermoen Airport. It was been almost half a year since that "incident" and I remember every bit of the horrible taste of what I thought water from left over beans of coffee scraped off the bottom of the pots and pans coffee. Yuck. Oh, if that is not bad enough it was really expensive!

I suppose in their defense, at most times the taste and quality is variable with the person making it. So, one should not be too critical I suppose. 


*It was such nice weather today. I hope this last till after the IB exams! Makes my mood so much better and therefore, a happier me!. Ever stopped and notice, how weather has so much influence on ones mood? Or maybe it is just me...

Lets just pretend this was "artistic" :)

The daily walk


**All that advertorials in my blog is starting to generate revenue! Who would have known...
I am now, a whole 50øre richer! Oh my! 50 øre! :) I can now go get... quarter a breath of fresh air in Norway. Would that be enough?

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