Sunday, 22 March 2009

011. Dinner in Eidsvoll

Route taken everyday
Train ride. ;)

I was over at Johanne´s today. Where I help made the food for their international dinner. This weeks dinner happen to be dinner from the Gaza Strip. 
"We" made some (insert hard to pronounce Chicken) and some (more impossible to spell out vegetables). It was really yummy though!

And being Johanne being Johanne, we embarked on our little experiment of making some Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice-Cream. I think we were inspired by Ben&Jerry´s but lets face it, the prices for some B&J are ridiculously pricey especially here in Norway.So we came up with the ultimate solution,to simply make our own.

Basically the steps are relatively easy.
We took the recipe of the back of some Nestle Toll Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips and just mix it in to some plain vanilla ice-cream. Refreeze the ice-cream.  Mix it around and ta-dah!
Amazingly yummy stuff. Emphasize amazing. 

We also watched Little Miss Sunshine. :)
I still do not understand the whole "pop-phenomena" with the Little Miss tees, or if it is the same relevance to the show but I am sure my best friend Google can help me with that. 
Anyways, I think that movie is an utterly adorable one. It wasn't really a chick flick, but it was one of those awww, feel good movies. 

Even more, one of the Røkholts guest is an dentist, so I had a free consultation. So here are some myths about white teeth. Dont we all love it when we know people of different professions. :)
Johanne, you might want to correct some points, if I did not get them right.
  • Tea will actually do your teeth more good then bad. Not in terms of whitening it, but the overall "health" of the teeth. So drink tea!
  • Coffee really does no harm to your teeth, unless you have got plague. Then it could take the colour of the coffee.
  • Most of the whitening products are usually more harmful then they do good. 
  • People with amazingly white teeth usually are either fake, or their teeth are actually "spoilt" (for the lack of a better word)
Now, if only I could lay my hands on Johanne´s pictures as the only pictures I seem to have is my vanity ones, and the fact that I have just found out after, what 4 years, that the camera can take black and white pictures! 


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Queen Messy said...

Coffée colors your teeth more if you have got plaque. If you have got plague you should have greater worries than whether or not your teeth are white :) Other than that facts are what I remember as well :) Pictures will come over in a few hours I think.


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