Saturday, 14 March 2009

006. Glasvegas

Boy, your not really THAT tall are you?, Your perspective is all wrong Johanne!
I mean I know I am slightly vertically challenged and all, but I am certainly not horizontal!

Lets start by saying I love my lazy days. 
You know, days where all you want to do is curl up in the corner of your bed snuggled in between your newly washed comfy sheets, feeling every thread count on your skin,the perfectly tucked in their corner bedsheets, with a good book (The Zahir), a good cup of hot cocoa, and a fantastic view outside. 
I think right now is one of those moments where time moves much slower, just so I can enjoy the moment a little more.

Now, if only I had an excellent plate of French Toast with sugar and strawberry jam. 

Anyways, lets get back to my title as you can tell, involves Glasvegas.
I can tell you this much, finding this out now really kills the moments of bliss that I was having just 5 minutes before.
Moving along, Glasvegas to me is like an aphrodisiac! They are so yummy when you just need that certain song. 
Just in case you do not know who Glasvegas are, let me fill you in, in 6 points (so I dont blabber too much)

*JSYK: I am not the biggest fan of Glasvegas, there are quite a few others band that I love more, but they certainly have to be quite on top :), and definitely worth catching in concert.
Glasvegas is ;
  • Alternative rock band from Glasgow.
  • According to Wikipedia, was formed in 2003
  • Consist of 4 members, James Allan, Rab Allan, Paul Donoghue, Caroline McKay
  • Produces absolutely AWESOME music, though usually I do not understand them completely due to their thick Scottish accent. (You would think I should by now, but really its like an impossible task)
  • Has hits such as Geraldine, Its Your Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry, Daddy´s Gone, Be My Baby.
  • Coming to Norway, AGAIN!
Yes, you read the last point correctly. AGAIN. They were in Oslo just a few days ago (i think), but then their tickets were sold out just as I got to know that they are playing! Its ridiculous, and totally unfair. 
I would have more than loved to go if I had known earlier.

Anyways, they are playing again in Norway! 2 different places this time around. In Bergen, which tickets have already been sold out, and once more in Trondheim (where tickets are still available). 

Ignore the fact that in my hyped-up-ness, I still need to find out how to get to Trondheim and back again, accommodation and such. And also quite importantly, making sure I dont break all my budgets just by wanting to catch them in concert..

But that doesnt matter now as they "OBVIOUSLY" have to hold their concert days before the final exams!, 30th April to be exact. Conspiracy I tell you. Conspiracy with the IB system.

Why oh why?
Why do Murphy´s Law always applies at the wrong time.
Why cant Belle and Sebastian come to Norway too?

Contemplation and decisions. Oh pfft.

**On another note, another thing I absolutely hate is the fact that I keep losing my contact lenses! Thats 2 contact lenses missing now, in one week! I keep dropping them, and as always you could never find them until the day after. Then of course, its too late. With the whole bacteria and infections part of life. I think the contact lenses needs to start knowing, they are not cheap!, so stop running away!

The bunny!

Meet the culprit who manages to make me horizontal. :) 

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