Monday, 20 April 2009

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One day during Physics, we we're feeling "Obama-fied" :)

As you might have noticed, the amount of blogs I put up is getting fewer and fewer. Well, that is because this is my final week in High School, and 2 weeks from when Doom's Day shall arrive once again. Oh jolly.

Oh, how I frown on the IB exams.
But as Katrine and I say, it's about time I just get it done and over with. :)
Then I am home!
So, I suppose life is all good.

I had a couple of visitors last weekend, Sharanna and Robin. It was nice to meet up with some old time friends and just take a walk down Oslo. We visited some of the main-stream attractions, though once again, I think Oslo has got to be one of the most boring capital city in the world. If truth being told, Oslo is probably most famous for the ridiculously expensive price of things.

It was quite nice to take a walk down to the Akershus Festning, a place where I was exactly a year ago. :)

Somehow out of the many many crazy things Magnar can say, he thinks this would raise ratings.
"I'm a sexy girl!
^That should get the ratings up!
Then we went and made vaffles! Haha :P"

Oh, yeah. I made some waffles today. Though, eventhough I am the self acclaimed Waffle-Pro, today's waffles tasted yuck. :)

So, who would you vote?, Be reminded I know your IP addresses, and for most of you, your address too. Hehe.. :)

Photobooth moments

Cute stuff(s) :)

*Will be away from the blogging less for a tad while, got to do some revisions if I ever want to see the end of High School. :)

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