Thursday, 23 April 2009

027. Personification

Almost a year since

Yesterday, me and Johanne took our first grill out for the year. We pretty much just bought one of those 'one time grill' and set by the fountain over in Lillestrøm for a small lunch time picnic. I would more then love to do it again.
It was really nice, to be once again reunited with the warmth and heat of summertime.
Absolutely random. Fantastically fun.

Oh, how I cannot wait to go home. Familiarity and family would be nice for a change. And simply because going home would be the closest I can get to a real life PAUSE button. Pause, rethink, re-strategize, relax, replay. And then off I go once again. Once more into oblivion. Putting out everything I have, everything I have learnt into the test. Into the world my family have been trying to shelter me from. 

A world where mummy and daddy cannot come to my rescue in a fraction of a second. Can you just feel the excitement in my voice?

My ever famous almost square cow and that birdy!
As you can see I was not born to draw.

I am not the sort of person who ever prays
I am not even remotely religious
What I have, or what I have been given are usually acts from someone real.
Someone who cares, someone who matter.
Or from my own hard work, sweat and tears.
But sometimes, praying and wishing is all I have.
Praying that I am doing the right thing.
That my choices will not defeat me, rob me.
Praying that I would come out of this stronger.

But who's listening?
What should I do now?

Would you be sad, if I said I failed?
Though I tried. And I really did, I tried.
Would you?
And above all, did you?

And those I've hurt chasing this.
Would you then forgive me?
I am sorry. 

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