Tuesday, 14 April 2009

021. Malaysia

My Malaysia in London.

Blog not abandoned, just internet connection abandoned me. :)

So, it seems like as of right now, I would also be having a visitor with me back to Penang. So as I was brainstorming for ideas as to what we can do and see and experience, I thought I should put them down in words so we can discuss and options and possibilities later. :)

Oh, and another side reason for doing this would be so that as Sharanna said yesterday, "make sure you show them the real Penang and not just shopping malls". Pfft, that girls know me a bit to well, it does sometime gets annoying. 

So, here are a few things that are off the back of my head of things one can expect to do in Penang and Malaysia and Thailand. 

I suppose I have to make sure I add some touristy things and things that only native Penangite does. When in Rome do as the Roman's do, while in Penang, do as Lisa suggests. :)


1. Mamak Stalls

Incase you do not know what Mamak stalls are, they are basically food stores run mainly by the Indian-Muslim community in Penang, whereby they pretty much serve an abundance of Indian-Muslim (Mamak) delicacies. The ever famous Nasi Kandar, (ask my best friend Google, if you want to know more) is from Penang, and there is no way one should miss out on this!

In addition to that most Mamak stalls are open 24 hours a day, so its perfect for midnight snacks and in case there is a jet-lag moments, never worry! 

Mamak stalls are also where you get your Roti Canai's and amazing tasting Teh Tariks!

2. Gurney Drive Hawker 

Last time I remembered, the Hawker here was really just so-so. Its so expensive, and such a rip off as it is such a tourist area. But I suppose the entire idea of eating by the sea side, accompanied by the sea breeze is something worth trying out.

*I am just thinking there must be more newer locations to get the best of hawker food. :)

3. Pasar Malam in Batu Feringgi (Happy now, Shan?), translation : Night Market.

Well, this is where the biggest tourist rip-off area is. Always remember to bring the mummy, so you do not get cheated. And is definitely where your bargaining skills are put to the test.

There are plenty and plenty and plenty of the most randomest mix of things here. A little bit like a smaller scale version of the Chatuchak Market (?) in Bangkok. But its really nice to walk by the beachside and then do some shopping, this is also where all the fancy hotels are. Fake Chanel's and Coaches could be bought. Of course you could also find fake Lolex, Surberry, Moxy, and everything in some of the weirdest combination ever. But I think we shall stick to the real thing for now. :)

4. Beaches

I suppose being an island. You would certainly expect to take a trip to the beach, and if you want, I am sure we could book a room in one of the hundred of hotels and organize a tiny BBQ party. Idea could be expended.

It has been forever since I went on the Jet-Ski's, Water-Ski's and Para-gliding (or whatever it is called), oh, Banana Boats too! And above all, it ain't too expensive really. I wonder if the Rasa Sayang sushi restaurant is back?

Right, I speak as though people know what these places are. :P

Rasa Sayang is basically this really really fancy 5 star hotel who has one of THE BEST sushi places ever, with the most delicious green tea ice cream ever!. I miss those times where mummy, sister and me went to this restaurant every other weekend, because it was so blu-deh good!

5. Revisiting all those foods I miss. :)

Right, so from the back of my head. I KNOW that I need to try this things again!

Fried Oyster and Fresh ones.

Need I say more?, I love oysters!

Satay at this restaurant out in the sea.

I cannot remember what it was called, but its basically a restaurant built out on the water. So its really really nice to hear the water lapping while you eat.

Bukit Tambun seafood.

Again, being from an island, seafood is a-plenty. Although so, I cannot remember it being cheap. Strangely enough. But, yeah. I miss eating fishes that is still moving when you pick the ones you want, and you can get them to cook it almost ANYWAY you want. Extremely fresh. I miss fresh food in general. I want to see my fishes moving when I buy them!

*weeps a little inside* :)

Sotong with Kangkung. 

Translation : One of my ultimate favorite food ever.

Do not know how to explain in any way, just really good stuff.

Fatty Loh Chicken Rice

Afrodisiac. And if you happen to be old and homeless, the last time I was there, I remember how you could get free food if you come to their store at 6 or something for dinner. But really, their chicken rice is an aphrodisiac 

Fresh coconut juices!

Oh my god, this list will NEVER end. NEVER.

As many would agree, I know I complain about Malaysia oh-so-very-much, but no Malaysian's can ever deny the abundance of food we have. Of course I will also have to bring you people to real McDonalds, one where the burger is not scanty and almost non-existant.

Anyways, will update more often once I figure out what is wrong with the internet at home, and there is definitely a Part 2 and Part 3 and Part 4 to my What can we do in Malaysia posts :)

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