Wednesday, 22 April 2009

026. What's in?

Nostalgia, once again. Once more and never again.

So, lately I see some weird pattern forming the moment something is considered "hot" or "in". Oh, the power of the internet and people. 

For example, this are the few different things that have been catching the wave rather quickly if you ask me. Strangely enough, I have been in and out of the internet world for roughly a week now, but still these stories bites, and rather hard. In other words, everyone (term used loosely) seem to be talking about it!

Therefore, here are the few that I can remember from the back of my head.
  • Susan Boyle, Youtube video. Obviously almost everybody has seen this video clip. Apparently it is soon to be one of the most viewed Youtube video ever, taking over Avril Lavine's, Girlfriend. Of course it is by no doubt her singing was just incredible! and she obviously has got that certain charm with her. Almost like William Hung or Paul Potts really. 
  • Miss California's answer to Perez Hiltons question on Miss America. Apparently it is the first time ever that there was serious boo-ing from the audience once the pageant was done, and of course people just went crazy after hearing how she did not think it was all right for same sex marriage to be legalized. Of course this is like such a heated topic as it is and now that she said that, its almost unheard off for pageant people. Personally, I am a bit in between myself. As long as someone is happy, do whatever makes them happy right. So, I am all for same sex marriage, people should be allowed to choose!, but shouldn't she be allowed to voice her opinions too?, good or bad?. I am thinking its really about HOW she put her words that questionable. If only she put in in a better form. And, I suppose its nice to know her real view's on things before being crowned or anything.
  • Malaysian Dreamgirls, right. This has to be THE MOST OVERLY DRAMATIC show ever. (And Yes, caps all intended) I don't know if I am proud to see them make a fool of themselves, and in all honesty this year's contestants are really not all that awesome. All they ever care for is drama, and more drama. I can almost say there is more drama in this show then there ever was in Gossip Girl. In fact, this is like the epitome of the Big Brother show about what would happen when you put 12 girls under the same roof for 1 month (?). Effing hilarious.
  • The baby clone
There are a zillion more stories that I have read repeatedly now, over various sources, I am sure next would be some weird news about Suri Cruise who celebrated her 3rd birthday not so long ago. :)

With that being said, one thing that is totally unacceptable to reuse and redistribute, would be this. I was strolling down Cubus over at the Torv in Lillestrøm a week or so back. And I was mortified when I saw this!

Looks familiar? It is the EXACT copy of my Graduation dress from Miss Selfridge! Grrrrr!
Isn't there like a whateveryoucallit thing about people stealing other peoples creation? and this is definitely a carbon copy of MissSelfridges (I know MissSelfridge might have also stolen the idea, but lets pretend they didn't)

Anyways, what the heck Cubus?

Considering I bought that dress over a year ago in Edinburgh, what is the copy doing here in Norway? Now everyone can have the same dress I do. :(
Not like I would wear that dress again anyways, but now everyone can. *coughbitchcough*
And we all know how MissSelfridge is definitely leagues above Cubus! righhhhtttt....

*Oh, did you also know that Avril's Girlfriend, was really never "Most viewed". Its just that the fan-club made this program that keeps refreshing the page or something and the fans were asked to keep the tab open, so it gets loads of view hits. :) I was starting to wonder, how can THAT many people like Avril. Now I know. And it is not

*You said you understand, do you really?, I do not think you really do. :)

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