Tuesday, 28 April 2009

032. Lessons on train times.

* Due to the lack of a better blogging material, here is my rant. Translate : long windy post with no essence whatsoever. 

Its has always been a known fact since a long time that NSB absolutely despise train travelers from Bodung to Jessheim/Kløfta/thatgeneraldirection. See,my first possible changing of trains would have to take place in Lillestrøm, but because the NSB timing is absolutely wonderful, my train that arrives in Lillestrøm, arrives about .10 past the hour, and the trains to Dal leaves at .09 every hour.

So, basically its always either waiting a whole entire hour for no real reason or like Torbjørn like saying, "Do you want to believe in Santa Claus?" and pray that the train is somehow delayed, or mine arrives just a minute earlier. Santa has yet been able to convince me of his existence.

Anyways, that aside, yesterday I have learnt a new place that NSB dislikes as well. Eidsvoll, at night. 
Basically, Marius and me went over to Johanne's for some muffin baking. :) And in my genius self I honestly thought that there would be no 22.21 train that leaves from Lillestrøm to Bodung but there would be a 23.21 that I could take. 

Ah, what naivety. And mind you, Life was absolutely fantastic at that moment. I had my dose of chocolate and food and all, so happily on my way I went.

When I was at the station, I decided well, lets give it one more check with the train schedule to confirm what I 'knew' was right. I asked Boy to check it. But to my dismay... there WAS a 22.21 train but there will not be a 23.21. I felt the world crumbling down. Yes, it doesn't take very much to feel like I want to ... (I can't say die, wasn't THAT bad). So for those who don't know, my only option then would be to take the 00.21 train from Lillestrøm back to Bodung. And that as you might know, would only get me home at 1 am. 1 am. 1am. 1am. Can you hear the dismay in my voice?

Above that, what am I supposed to do in Lillestrøm? (Of course I knew Lillestrøm = Magnar) but I have already seen him a whole day earlier,*coughmightgettoomuchofeachothercough* plus I was tired and just want to go home. So, there I was, feeling like a hobo. So, my first option was to go visit Torbjørn over at Gardermoen Airport and play with him over at the Lost and Found counter. Second, was to pray this this time, Santa exist. I chose to believe in Santa..., once again. He keeps disappointing me, and yet I never learn. :(

So, there I was at 22.21. Train was scheduled to arrive at 22.23. Train was arriving in Lillestrøm. I told myself, I can make this, I can make this, I will make this. Then I saw my train on the other side of the Platform moved. =_=
Oh why, oh why I thought. I was on the verge of pushing an old man with piles of luggage out the door if he was still in front of my way. Now thinking, I don't really know why... the train has moved on. Without me....

Fuming with, sadness and rage and frustration and ever possible emotion. I was stranded. *sniff*
What the heck right! I am always right! Oh well, gave a frantic call to Boy and started going all crazy like some drunken idiot in the train station, rambling about only godknowswhat. Then I saw a familiar car. Ahhh, bliss.
Couldn't be happier to see anyone then. Haha!

Initial plan was to just stick it out in Lillestrøm till 00.21 and take the train home. But being the cute kid he is. Guess who drove me home? :)
*Probably because, then he could get rid of me faster this way as well. Hah! Fair enough. :)
I absolutely despise when Magnar is awesome. Which is rather frequent. I suppose I just never give him enough credit for it. Grrr. You know how there is such a horrible guilty feeling 'using' Magnar and the fact that he can drive. And he does it so willingly and nicely. Bah, I'll buy you coffee sometime. Pfft. You suck! :)

Yes, that was my life story on how not to go to Eidsvoll before checking your trains. And phew, that was long.

*Found out yesterday, I was partly right. Trains DO leave at 22.21 on WEEKENDS, but not at 23.21. So, we learn something new everyday right.

*This pictures reminds me so much of that uber good Lindt chocolate I got from who else.
Felt so good pretending to chew on a rabbit's ear. (Sentence needs rephrasing) 

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