Tuesday, 7 April 2009

019. Homebound


Sitting here in Garcon again today, robbing them of their ever so precious internet, whilst trying to book myself some tickets home. Seems like I will be going for over 3 weeks while the other(s) will go for two. :)

So, my fellow hommies...
After 3 years, and wondering from Kaliningrad to Dublin to London and Scotland and Denmark, Sweden, Germany, New York etc.
I am homebound. :)
Finally, I will be back from 22nd May to 19th June.
I am all for Mamak Food and loads of hawker. So call me! and we can certainly arrange a meet-up!

So, let me tell you this.
Booking tickets online is sometimes harder then you think. 
I can easily say I have been here and done this before. The last time, airline company pages went ballistic with me was when I was trying to book tickets to New York on Icelandair.no
I mean, what reasonable reason could you possibly give to me for your emolicious behaviour while I am trying to fill in my details!
Ugh, frustration. 
Thats is why we have our secret weapon, known as The Mummy!, even though I doubt there is really anything she could do this time around. 
What is their problem? And I even called the airline company. And apparently their solution is to reset all my cache and history and cookies. =__=

*Ironic. They are playing Micheal Bublé's, Home right now. I was just thinking about that song. Maybe its like a sign  :) 

**Update : My mummy is super cool. Right now, I am the only one with tickets so far. ;)


Queen Messy said...

Wel muhahaha, I've got tickets now too!

Mommy is trying to book our tickets to America, and every time something goes a little bit wrong she completely freaks out and almost panics, it's kinda funny as hers always goes through the 2nd time around, while ours went on the 16th try, still she is no much more angry. I think, being young and carefree, we appreciate the irony much better, and although its annoying, we don't let it get to us really. Poor grown-ups.

Faris Ahmad said...

You know I do come by your blog, don't you =)


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