Saturday, 25 April 2009

030. Rants


Meet mini Truffles. He does have eyes. Proper ones.

Hearts! ♥

I am such a vainpot. :) But that picture is rockin' awesome.

Well, I am just finding reasons to procrastinate really. Math and Chemistry is stressing me out to the max. I feel like if I were to die tomorrow, it would be from all the stress. And my nerves. Oh god, my nerves are amazing... 

And, it doesn't help that I am hungry for some sushi and I am on my mood swings again. Damned hormones. If tomorrow headlines is IB student stabs Chemistry book till it was 1982378923847 million pieces, that would be me.

Exams are so close. Yet, here I am.

Staring into the computer screen. 

Webpages have never been this interesting before! and why are they all appearing now?!

Why did I not see them before!

Take for example,'s 

Interesting stuff, who wouldn't want to know what are the 10 things Microsoft would not tell you about the XBOX.

Then I read about the Alexa web-rankings. So, basically in about 5 years time, if I am still into the whole blogging scene. I might make it up their list. :)

Then there is the 62 things a geek should know. Well, I would not in any way call myself a geek. But, its so interesting! I cannot but help reading and trying to do the list. It could take a me a while.I am still trying to write my own JavaScript for my blog, but I think for now, I shall stick to stealing someone else's first, and editing them to the way I like it.

Then there is the whole 32 things (or whatever) an Apple user should know about the Apple Corporation. Well, basically things I have already been briefed by all the Apple Fanboy's and Girls, I call my Mac-fied friends. 

Then there is the Snorgtee's quotes I like reading. Funny!

Almost like one of my all time favorite quote with George. 

George : Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

Lisa : That doesn't mean you need to go show her yours!

Then I also learnt that hamsters eat their own babies if they are not healthy or is sick. Why?!?! So sad. Right, and I was planning on getting one. But they too, poop. Superficial I know.

Have I mentioned how much I love polaroid pictures?

Truffles, large version!
Boy, why did I not get that one instead?
Truffles is becoming like a stress ball now. So sorry. :)

I am such a great photographer, am I not?

What other rant can I bore you with? I can bore you with some of the more emolicious poems I wrote some time ago. Some from way back in 2006 or something. :). This one was written waaaaaaayyyy back. I think the reason for all this poems and a softer side of me, is so I can finally get closure. So, I can put the past slightly behind and move forward. Perhaps?

Again, do not assume. So weird to read this poems again, it makes me think that I must be like some weird ass depressed kid or something. Haha!

What If

What if lines were drawn?

But you crossed the line?

Did you know?

Or was it not known?

What if feelings got hurt?

Emotions got stirred,

But you still make mine seem so insignificant.

What if I had things to say,

But my words could never form a sentence?

How am I to tell you?

What would I say?

What if I knew I am living in a delusion?

Would it matter that this is all part of my creation?

My passion.

My illusion.

All that is left

Are words unspoken.

Question unanswered.

And feelings left hidden.

What if you didnt know?

Would that matter to you?

What am I to you?

Tears shed,

Memories erased,

What if you didn´t know?

Would it still matter to you?

Does it still matter?

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