Saturday, 25 April 2009

029. Yellow

I heart ♥

Look, this is like a pretty cool application where they make your pictures to be polaroid copies!
It is a really really cool app,now all my pictures look so vintage. Yummy. And it is so fun to insert pictures into the camera and then having to wait for it to dry, just like the real thing.

If you ever wanted a 'digital' polaroid. This is definitely your answer.

Now I am curious, is there any way to buy a REAL polaroid camera?

How much would it cost me?
Maintenance wise, what sort of effort do I need for that... Can I just use regular photo paper?
I would ♥ a polaroid camera! Mainly because you do not have to take stunning photo's to capture the moment, it comes naturally. 
I shall consult my best friend later. *coughGooglecough*. I have an inkling sensation that it would cost me buckets! either that or the condition of the camera is in a dire state.

Colours are so stunning!

It looks amazing right :) 

Only possible problem is if the image is not centered well enough, you only get parts of it. Solution : crop it first :)

Right, I have been messing with this for a while now. I made at least 20 new 'polaroids' now. I could upload forever. Maybe later. :)

* Oh, and if you wondered about the blog title. Yeah, it was for the lack of a better name, though I was clicking around and I clicked on his Listen to This category. And stumbled upon Jem's own version of Yellow by Coldplay. I like the fact that Perez seeks out the little known musicians. And if you know me, I like my indie genré. :). And, I also had an A-ha moment as I now know where I heard the song Magnar plays ever so often by Tina Parol. Perez Hilton! I cannot recall where I heard it before, but now I know... :)

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