Friday, 10 April 2009

020. End of mini vacation.

A while back. :)

I cannot believe that the uncle and aunt is coming home tomorrow. That would mark the end of my limited freedom, and no more home-alone moments. It feels so bittersweet.

The sense of freedom and the fact that when one is home alone and the closest guardian and parents, are miles away, there is no body to answer or to explain anything to is simply bliss.

I actually do not know what to blog about today.But I am sure there is something to say tomorrow. Currently at Johanne's place with Torbjørn and I hear some lasagne calling my name.

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Thomas said...

Aww! Poor Lisa, who no longer has to make sure she gets fed every night :p

Oh, and I really appreciate your logo-thing on this site, it's awesome! (for you (others) who didn't notice, it's made out of pictures of us!)


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