Tuesday, 21 April 2009

024. Rebound


Cafe's visited lately.

Boy and I have been to a couple more cafe's lately, and here are some that are worth mentioning.

I wonder if I keep this up for another... 2 years, would I eventually generate enough publicity to be able to get my coffee breaks funded by Google or Nuffnang :)

Right now it really seems like Google Adsense is the one generating most money compared to Nuffnang ads. Wicked.

Åpent Bakeri

I think you would definitely hear me talk about this cafe a little bit. It has to be one of the better cafe's that I have visited. It is situated at the end of the Kongens Parken, right opposite Jan Thomas's Studio in Parkveien. It is really hard to miss if your going that general direction. Boy and I just happen to stumble upon it while he was going to pick up his bike from the bike store in Oslo.

*(Which would be my next rant some other time, the "other" side of Oslo, not known but offers amazing things. They have got Oasis, Coast and Warehouse all in one row-ish!) 

Anyways, back to Åpent Bakeri. The entire bakery has got glass windows and walls, and therefore the name. Åpent (Open). D-oh :). They have got some of the best Hot Chocolate yet, and the prices were not that outrageous.

I paid (I think) 28 NOK for a cup of Hot Chocolate and what's awesome about it is that I think this has to be the first time in Norway that the Hot Chocolate was one that was made out of melted chunks of dark cocoa on a warm foamy milky mixture. Namnammy.

And, you cannot help but to notice the ever famous Studio opposite you, and maybe if your in luck, you could also get a glance some famous people getting their hair fixed or even better you get to see famous people with horrible hair day, so we all know they are humans too. Maybe the King goes there too, whatdoyouthink? :)

Kafe Brenneriet (?), Aker Brygge

The ever famous Kafé Brenneriet. To be honest, it was just so-so for my cup of cocoa, wasn't like over the top good or anything to be honest, though one of the better cups I have had, that I have to admit. 

And as I was saying, I think my standards are getting too high and I am starting to expect a bit too much. Is that a bad thing? :)

Though, with that being said. It could also perhaps be because I was sitting right next to the toilet, and therefore part of the time I was sitting hoping, wishing no one opens the toilet door so it hits me right in my back, so my judgement of this could be slightly biased and therefore unfair. Heh.

Pikene på hjørnet, Lillestrøm

I have yet to try out the 'sister café', Pikene på torvet. This one is by the train station, on the other side of Lillestrøm.

Lets make this short : If ever you are there, order their brownie!

Its so effing good. Warm brownie with a scoop of cold vanilla ice-cream on the side, its so good. What more can you want?

Have I mentioned how good it was already? :)

Might be slightly on the pricey-er side, 49 NOK (or something about that) for a small piece of brownie and one scoop of vanilla ice cream but absolutely worth every cent. Pure indulgence. Namnammy.

Right, that was about it I guess, I think I shall leave out the bar we visited with Sharanna and Robin and Thomas since I did not have any coffee there and all I did was sit in freezing cold weather. 

**Ignore the previous post, it was written out of instinct and has absolutely no value what-so-ever. Not like this is going to be any different but here are some questions I ponder about in the past 5 minutes. Feel free to answer them if you have any smart guesses or educated guesses. And please, don't harp on the whole "Google it" thinggymajig. If I had internet, I would have done that long ago. :)

Question 1 : Have you watched the Miss California USA's answer to Perez Hilton's question?, what did you think? *coughidiotcough*

Question 2 : What is a Packet Data?, and do I want it for my phone?

Question 3 : Where is all the Malaysian bloggers hate site disappear too?

Question 4 : Why did I not follow the Pirate Bay story closer?

Question 5 : Boy, when can I play with my Spore game again?

Question 6 : What happened to all the hyped up-ed stories of last year, like Madeline McCain, and Josef Fritzl and etc. Why nothing on the news anymore?

Question 7 : Why is Math so useless to me?, why am I so hopeless in Math today? (Pfft, like that doesn't happen everyday). Sines and cosines are just confusing.

Question 8 : Why is there a age limit to enter some restaurants and pubs on weekends?, 'Younger people' need to have a drink too you know!

Question 9 : Should I just go to sleep already?

Bah, sleep first. Last question answered...

***Ironic how I am also typing this from Garcon with Boy. They now put up some new gazebo things so you can sit outside and soak up the sun :)



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