Monday, 6 April 2009

018. Back in business

Just a reminder of the summertime soon.

Right, after such a hiatus. Updates!
There is too much to say, and so little time. Currently I am sitting down in Garcon robbing their internet as the one at home is being all emolicious on me. :), and you know... internet is crazy important!

Oh, lets start by telling you about another café hunt that Mag-boy and me took last, Friday? 
It was after one street down Karl Johan after 4 corners. This time around, I really do not know where we are. But in any case, the Café is called News Cafe. Do not be fooled by the appearance of a closed café as we thought it was closed as well. Due to the fact that there was almost no other customers in the cafe and it was located in the most un-strategic place you could get. :)

Anyways, because their business is not exactly a the most successful one. The café gives a rather private feel to it, and you get to be the only customers there. So that is quite nice. The taste of their Hot Chocolate is not all that good, but the Dude seem to find his Hot Mocha to be really good. The one thing also worth noting about "Café with less people" is that they gave us some free cakes? :). So, it's pretty cool.

What else, have I been up too..
Right, I watched Oprah today with Doctor Mehmet Oz. I heart heart heart that Doctor! They were talking about the differences between woman and men anatomically. And as much as I like to believe how woman and men are equal minus certain circumstances, apparently we are not! There were so many differences like it is a proven fact that woman DO have smaller bladder's and therefore need to use the toilet more often! *This would explain the longer line in woman's toilets then mens :)

Of course, this being American TV and all, they also brought up a lot of sexual questions and about senses and etc.
They also discussed loads of other interesting things like how the size of a woman's heart is smaller and how (bah, watch it for yourself).

This also happen to be my last week of home-aloneness. :(
I am starting to like living on my own. And now, the older folks are on their homebound preparation. Can I not get another 3 weeks? :P

Other than that, I have finally gotten around uploading some pictures onto my Mac from long ago. I am stingy with the space in the computer although some might argue that having about 100 G free space is plenty. Well, while uploading of course one could not help but to be brought back to those moments of summertime! Which by looking out of the window, is not too long anymore. But if anything I realized, every time summer comes, I look like a burnt turkey.

Now, notice this. Well, lesson learnt, this year... I will buy massive loads of sunblock lotion.

Oh, the horror! Last day of school 2006

A tad better. :) Summer 2008

Right, internet in Garcon also being emo on me now. Maybe it will come back.

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