Sunday, 26 April 2009

031. Powderfinger

So, lately there has been an overflow in those talent shows. Of course, everyone has heard of Susan Boyle from Britain's Got Talent. But, as over-rated as she is. As I was clicking related links, I think she definitely has her competition cut out for.

Basically, here are the other few contestants that are worth noting (or the one's that I have checked out, I am sure there are kazillion more out there) 
*Curious question : Even though Britain's Got Talent (or whatever country it might be from) is a talent show, singing seems to still be the main spotlight talent. Why is that? Or maybe it was just the links I chose to click myself. :)

Because embedding takes too much of my time, just click the link, okay.
  • Hollie Steel, so very adorable! I absolutely love how Simon was probably thinking. "Is this it?, hoover over the buzzer button, then she starts singing!". Oh, in this episode as well there the 4th judge who is only there for a fraction of a second before producers thought it made the show more complicated or something like that. :) 
  • Good Evans , how cute is that? A family singing group. And the twins are so adorable! Maybe I am slightly biased, any cute kids can win me over anytime.
  • Flawless and Diversity , both dancing groups. Looking at their hit counts on their Youtube page, I suppose you could guess that they are rather good. 
  • And then there was this other 14 (?) year old kid who also sang rather nicely, but... nah, not really my cup of tea. 
But I am still sold over by the cute kids! I think the advantage of being young is that you are able to vow over more audience who would vote for you due to your cuteness. *looks around, I hope its just not me :)*

In addition, to the Britain's Got Talent, the Norwegian kids also have been really great!. I wonder if any of you watched Norske Talenter :), from the back of my head. I remembered 2 acts which was rather amazing!

I tend to be out and about every Friday, so I rarely get to catch Norske Talenter. :)
They both are opera singers, but their voice control is gobsmackingly amazing!

I am also not the biggest fan of the opera, if given the choice I am more of a orchestra or musical sort of person. But listening to Lydia especially, I can definitely see how one could fall in love with opera music. She sings so effortless! and again, the control... and she is only 14!

Then there is the Australian winner a 13(?) year old kid?. 
Ah, Ill bother you with it some other time I suppose. 

**Is there a reason why it is so impossible to get a new gmail account? My name is Lisa Cheah. And not lisacheahcheah 645 or l_cheahlisa29.
I mean who has got lisacheah, lcheah, lisacsl, (insert 100 more reasonable name forms). But no... they are all taken! Ugh! I have decided that the name Orlyandsa won't do any longer, and is starting to utilize my real name. But it is starting to get harder then you think.

*** Prince William♥ . What is up with the thinning hairline? You used to be the epitome of every girls dream. And a real life Prince. But seriously, what is up?

Starbucks, come back.


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