Friday, 24 April 2009

028. Perfection

Right, today NSB has decided once again that it was going to throw some crazy tantrum with its passengers. And this must have been the 3rd time this week or something. I mean, what the heck? You are already ripping off people for the ridiculously expensive train tickets!

Took me a whole 2 hours before I got home, and not to mention all that confusing 'navigations'. Train delay's are one thing,worse of all, by the time you get home, your dead tired, feeling horribly sweaty and therefore uncomfortable, and there is absolutely no mood to do anything else. There goes a wasted day, one which began relatively well, thank you very much.

Oh well, it really isn't all too bad today. Aunt made super yummy Tomato Rice with some Chicken Curry and some weird vegetable thing. Yumm. Can't wait to start grilling outside!

Other than that, I won this essay competition thinggymajig over in Malaysia and therefore I am thrilled. I am hoping I win some shopping money instead of an iPod or a Macbook or a stoopid car. I need none of the above, but I could always use more shopping money. All I want is shopping money. I think family has to already start to save up for "Lisa Adventure Home". Though, to not sound like a spoilt brat, I would also try and get a job and pay for a fraction of the things myself, okay. But, regardless prize giving ceremony is on the 5th (?) June. So, I guess we have to wait till then.

What else is new?
Days ago sister offered to pay for my flights to America again :), was seriously considering it. I mean, free tickets! (not like I would have paid them myself anyways, if I wanted to go, mum also thinks its nice if I could go again to help with some things) but she refuses to buy me a Tiffany bracelet or a M.A.C make up kit or even just a new Juicy Couture bag! What eff?, unfair...

In any case, we were really looking to squeeeeeezing a quick trip to America again before she goes home, but that simply would not work. My exam schedule is packed to the max and I have to do them if I ever hope to see the end of this. Damned exams.

Today, was also my last day officially in school. It really didn't feel like anything special at all. Felt like the same old, same old. :)

*I was trying to once again fix the blog domain thing so when you type you would actually be in, but that is not possible for the time being. Shuckss.

**And, here is a secret confession, not so secret anymore at least. I am a closet poet. I am not at all good at it, but I don't know if I am doing this to be good... plus, I am not really even sure if poems are what I am writing and not just cryptic sentences, but heck.
You might have notice this lately. Problem with being poetic is people always assume either it's about them or that I am writing about a certain something, when truth is... it really usually is not about you or whatever your mind thinks. Though maybe it is?, but to simply put it, you don't know me. So, I would generally think you are most probably wrong.

Another thing is, if ever I write about emotions,feelings,problems,whateverrelated to a softer side, people tend to assume the worse and people tend to assume that it's about Boy and I. What makes you think you know ANYTHING? 

People say perfection is unattainable.
A build up of expectations and out of vivid imaginations,
A build up of own delirious expectations.
My. expectations.

Is perfection really,
even if I seek it in the deepest,darkest corners.

What if I still want to believe in perfection?
What if I simply just still do?
I want to find perfection in flaws.
I want to believe in that flaw. 

What would people say?
or am I just cheating myself?
Covering up the truths for the fear of simply,
being hit by a reality check.
I hate reality.

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