Tuesday, 21 April 2009

023. Words

Artistic attempts.

Here am I,utterly bored and uninspired to do more Chemistry, though I know I shouldn't feel this way. Anyways, as I was listening to John Mayer's, Say from his album Continuum. I realized, its been ages since I read the dictionary and therefore I should do some Dictionary reading of some new words that I see ever so frequently but have never really known what they meant from my iTunes library (be it song titles, albums, or genre) and search them up. Like did you know that Celtic can be pronounced both with a S sound and K sound! 

And, how poem can be pronounce the way I pronounced it before!|ˈpōəm; ˈpōim; pōm|, so I was right after all. Hrmph!

Though now I know that my pronunciation of flour is wrong. It is pronounced |ˈflou(ə)r| and "The spelling flower remained in use alongside flour until the early 19th cent."

Oh, and vase can be pronounced as |vās; vāz; väz|, so everyone is most probably right. So is many other words I am sure. 

And here is the wild-card word, electricity |ilekˈtrisitē; ˌēlek-|

*My other plan was to actually make a thesaurus on some of my favorite songs. You would be surprised at how funny things are when thesaurus is applied! (Maybe that would be prefect for my next blog). I am sure you all have tried that before. I remember mine being hilarious! 

So, here are my list of a few words, perhaps it could help in some essay writing for like... never. Oh, and I am getting really good at reading the pronunciations of things. A couple of years ago, reading how to pronounce thing to me was like what eff is this crap?, its not even letters or words!  -__-

*All dictionary searches are from the Apple dictionary thinggymajig.

From John Mayer's Album

continuum |kənˈtinyoōəm|

a continuous sequence in which adjacent elements are not perceptibly different from each other, although the extremes are quite distinct

From Belle and Sebastian Song

apostle |əˈpäsəl|

each of the twelve chief disciples of Jesus Christ. (Oh, I knew that one)

But here is the interesting fact, 

The twelve Apostles were Peter, Andrew, James, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James (the Less), Judas (or Thaddaeus), Simon, and Judas Iscariot. After the suicide of Judas Iscariot his place was taken by Matthias.

Ok, I came to realization how boring that was. Apparently, besides one or two artist who uses bombastic words, most of the playlist songs are actually quite understandable. And the only one's I do not understand happens to either be African, Celtic, Irish, etc. And I expect to not know what they mean for a while to come, for example, The Rankin Family's Oganaich An Or-Fhuilt Bhuide / Am Braighe. Try pronouncing that!, and then if your not like a Celtic speaker, I am sure you are not saying it right anyways. :)

Anyways, I think I should keep to my initial plans to play with Thesaurus. You know how "mushy songs" are so cliché, haven't you wondered what if they were written by some thesaurus masters, what it would be like. 

** Songs playing on shuffle mode.

John Mayer, Your Body Is A Wonderland.

"Skin like porcelain, one pair of candy-lips and bubblegum talk"

Translate : epidermis, solitary matching set of bonbon edge with bubblegum chat.

Ice on the Wing, Nada Surf

"Baby, ice is growing on the wings"

Translate : Infant, icicles resting on the pinion

Stay, Michelle Featherstone

"If I build a wall, a hundred feet tall, would that keep you in"

Translate : On the condition that I construct a barrier, a hundred feet large, would that retain you inside. (Okay, this song doesn't sound bad at all after translation )

*** A new realization : Maybe it isn't all that funny after all. Wait, I will find some funny one and publish it. Oh well, I did still learn some new words! :)

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