Sunday, 21 June 2009

052. Home

Random pictures mainly from the phone. :)

Le' Beach

My super large watermelon juice! Blu-deh good.


Random stranger who has the same home address as me. Haha!

One of it is my dad. Haha!

Before the haircut.

Penang bridge

Favorite dress yet!

Tone Damli and Postgirobygget with the military folks thinggymajig.

Strange how I now call Norway my "home". But I suppose I believe that one can have 2 homes or even more for that matter!

So as I sat here thinking, considering I really have nothing else to do today, tomorrow, the day after, the day after after that, oh-you-get-the-point. I really want a job :( so I can pass my time. And I want shopping money! In fact, I am so bored, I have been asking aunt if she has chores so I could do something. She said, no. 

*So, technically I was going to tell you about my past 24 hours home. But then I realize from the time I landed till after midnight, it just pretty much involve me being mushy all the time as a certain Boy is being way too cute for words. I suppose one month away was a while, even if we talk together almost everyday. 

Yesterday was the day where he happen to be cuter than his usual cute. He is seriously way too nice for me. Sometimes I wish I could say I wish you were more like so and so, but I usually come to realize quickly enough, there would be nothing I would change regardless if we get far.

It really is rare that one can get an emotion other than a retard happy person, but one dude can. Though, I don't think I want to share this other side with all you random people. *Hrmph, walks away cutely*
Plus, its more usual for the both of us to be a little bit more private. People don't have to know what we know right. Thus, I shall keep my drafted post to myself. 

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