Tuesday, 23 June 2009

054. Pictures

Here are some among a zillion pictures to come from the trip back home.
Today, I shall just give you a snea
k peak while I sort out over 1200 pictures to select the few that will end up here. :)
Aren't I glad its the summer vacation.

Random question : How does one showcase 1000 pictures without blowing your bandwidth. :)
I suppose I shall group them into different categories. Portraits, Scenery, Random, Food etc. So, what say you?
Oh wait, my blog. Whatever I want goes.

Another Oh-So-Random note : I effing love love love DSLR camera's! Since Johanne went home with hers, I could no longer care to use the regular digital camera's as the picture quality really simply, sucks.
So not worth my time at all. Plus the focus, clarity, everything is just too mediocre for my liking. Bah.
Oh, why does SLR's come in such a bulky look? Why couldn't it be lighter and slimmer and fits in the handbag like a regular digital camera?

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