Tuesday, 9 June 2009

047. Back in Penang

F0r the moment, I am back home. It really is true when people say that home is really the best. Till Thursday that is. Then I think we are off to Kuala Lumpur again, for my last round of KL shopping.

Johanne has left for home, and thus its now time for the family and friends.

I was over at KimGary's yesterday with you-could-called-my-closest-friends when I am in Malaysia. They haven't changed very much, but it was really nice to get a chat. KimGary's so called Hong Kong style cuisine is really just rather blah. Cannot understand the whole hype about it. Plus, why the 5 different menu's? I had to scroll over at least 30 pages of recipe, and of course the one thing I picked tasted blah.

Today, my sister says she wants to cook for me though I insist she doesn't. Because she takes somewhere about 6 hours to make her Seafood Spaghetti. By then we all tend to already be so hungry that we rather eat out. Speaking of which, since I have been home I have only eaten home cooked food like twice. Sad isn't it.

What else, I got myself a new haircut after so long! In my defence I did actually get a haircut in New York in January. But absolutely no one noticed the difference except the burn in my bank account! This time around I "kept the length","just add long layers","because I have got almost no hair, I want to have a thicker look". Ah Keat was his name, and he is amazing. At least for now, with all the blowing and etc.. doubt this amazing hair last till tomorrow. But oh well.

It was even cooler that he only opened his store today to serve my sister and me. Well, he has had a bypass operation recently thus cannot work for long. And Monday is his off day. But since he is almost like the Penang Most Wanted HairStylist, he is almost never free for many appointments. So it felt really special, plus my sister and my mum has been talking about him for such a long time!

What else, Oh yeah! Did I tell you how much I love super important people! Yesterday, I had dinner with Datuk Eddy Chong over in the Penang Sports Club, one could call him Malaysia's badminton player, graduated from Cambridge, supposedly Penang's richest man, he helps runs almost half of the country and sports clubs in Penang, he loves to party and drink, and is mighty awesome! Going out again this Wednesday with him to try some of his own cocktail.

Anyways, he was an acquaintance of my mums friends, who also met him at the country club where he spends a lot of this time there or something.

On a random note : We had some deer meat yesterday, was blu-deh good! Meat that is raw is really, best way to taste a meat. Haha!

Oh, did I also tell you, a couple of days ago, I went for the Perdana Competition Prize Giving Ceremony, where I spend quite a bit of time with another cool awesome important dude. Dato' Khoo Kay Khim (or something), He is like a Malaysian historian who supposedly help write the Malaysian constitution. He also loves History and probably found my funny. Its so funny because the only reason why he sat and talked to me was because no other person dared to talk to him due to his 'so called important-ness, I shall give respect thing'

During that day as well, I acutally was up close and personal to Tun Dr. Mahathir himself! You know, Malaysia's Prime Minister for like 21 years or something!
Infact I have a picture to prove it, once I get hold of it from Johanne.

Next blog post I shall tell you about my idea's on opening my own store in Norway! Haha!

*Wireless is still down, sucks! No picture yet I suppose.. :(

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