Monday, 29 June 2009

058. Out of words

Since I really have got nothing to say, here are my 2 cents on various different topics.

  • Cute babies. I can never get enough of cute babies!

I am such a sucker for cute babies.

  • Last Saturday, I went over to Oslo to watch the Queer parade with Martin, Marius and Magnar. If you didn't already guess, the Queer parade is the Gay parade. It was super colourful! One can't also deny, that since the election is soon, there were loads of political parties at play, all of them trying to convince people that they are for equality and such. Sometimes I think politics is annoying when they are everywhere and you have to question if there is an ulterior motive to things they do. Like, are all the parties REALLY going to give equal rights to everyone? 
  • Also, I can't deny but too say as open as I am to almost anything, sometimes when one is dressed up so much that they are on the verge of looking like a clown been slammed into then run over by a drag queen, and then add that with some 9 inch heels, it does scare me a little bit. And we did see a couple of those along the way. *Now that description was rather a mouth-full, but you get the picture
  • I also cleaned my closet last Sunday. You know its about time you cleaned it, if your clothes keeps tumbling down whenever you open the closet door and you're almost terrified of opening the doors. So now, it's all nice and clean again and Mr. Closet Monster is no longer living in the closet. :)
  • Finished reading the Diary of Ann Frank. Definitely a must read book! Last I heard, it was compulsory for many Norwegians to read this book, so I am sure most of you understand how empowering the book is. It really makes you ponder and wonder, how could this have happened? 
  • Also, I think I should stay away from some of those really sad books for a while, especially when the last two was about one crazy dictators quest to wipeout a whole race of people! So next book on the menu is The-Know-It All, by A.J. Jacobs. I remembered Johanne loving that book and laughed a lot reading that, apparently it was really funny.
Lastly, I think I want to make playlists for my blogs of my random daily finds. They are not always that good, but sometimes you do get really good ones!
Link me if you have got some good (preferably indie) singers/band for me to check out! 
For example yesterday was a mellow day, so there was loads of woman singers, singing slow songs. Day before was James Morrison, what today brings, my mood has yet to tell. I love the app on that links you to similar artists and recommends stuff to you because, sometimes it does do wonders! 


Minny Chan said...

I've linked you ;)
happening life you got there,
im always rotting at home. sigh

Lisa! said...

Minny, you have to start blogging again!
I missed you!


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