Tuesday, 23 June 2009

053. Summertime


Although I have now gone over the aim of "Project 52", I suppose I really do enjoy penning my thoughts down on the web and thus shall continue to blog for a while more.

Its been a few days since I am home and really, I am throughly enjoying my summer vacation!
I am still hoping to somehow manage to get myself a job soon though! As much as I love waking up not having anything to do, my control-freak nature cannot stand when one doesn't have a somewhat plan. Not too much though, how is that called vacation right. I am still trying to find that balance.

Oh, did I also mention that I need the money as Mango is having a huge summer sale and I really want another charm bracelet soon! Haha!
So,yeah. I want a job! I want 3 jobs!

The past few days have been absolute bliss if we ignore the crazy sun burn I am having.
Days were usually spent lazing around the sun, with a good book and with some of my favorite people.

Yesterday, I have been lucky enough to be brought to Nebben for a swim.
In case, you didn't already know, that is where "The Boy"
(How I realize, I make him sound so heroic. But he truly is my superhero, because yesterday, only he can imagine concretes to be "monster droppings". Oh, don't ask)
It has been way too long since I have been swimming and it sort of brought back quite a bit of memories of the past. Performance wise I think I have degraded so much,it's quite expected. I wish I could still be confident enough to be able to swim 1600m, which was my favorite category yet. But I guess that time has past. :)

I shall not get emotional now. Haha!
Anyways, to get into Nebben we had to pay 60 NOK. Which to some extent is quite except able. It's the 5 NOK per ride on the slide thing that bothered me. I mean, as annoying as it is, I am sure many people pay to ride the slides. Me.
And since you already charge us to get in ... it's ludicrous.
Though, only way to avoid paying, get a job at Nebben! *stares in jealousy.


In any case, after that adventure. I met up with Johanne and Marius and headed over to Fratellis by Lillestrøm torv. If there is one place one should try, this has to definitely be it. Its effing amazing! Food was so blu-deh good its crazy!

First I ordered some Tiramisu as I already had my dinner at the Hjelmstad's. But then I was tempted by the both of them, thus I got one of their filled pasta's. It wasn't ravioli or anything, it was just really good. Dessert before dinner, how nice.


Insert fancy Italian word

Marius would say : Do not order pears. They don't go well with spoons.

The pictures really doesn't do the food justice. It didn't turn out as amazing as it tasted. Price wise, we paid 250 NOK each *coughandthe80NOKJohannemadeustipcough*
That includes main course and a desert. I would say that is quite all right really. Not something you do daily but occasionally its absolutely worth every penny!

Today was much simpler.
Basically spend some time in the sun waiting for a certain Boy to finish work.
Good book, sunshine, amazing view, cold drinks, snacks, and eventually a certain someone = bliss.

Spend hours just lazing in the sun reading The Diary of Ann Frank. So far, so good.
Another must read book this summer!


Oh-so-random picture. Freaking strange statue of Kate Moss right outside the Apple store. What eff? I am sure there is a symbolic meaning to this, but imagine just seeing this out of nowhere!

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