Monday, 15 June 2009

050. A little more traditional me

Just a few more days left in Malaysia. And as the clock continues ticking, we realized that we have been so utterly busy this past month that we really had not manage to finish up and accomplish half of what we were supposed to do. I have yet to get the compulsory medical check-up in the hospital, do my banking, apply for some schools, ugh!

But instead we did many other things that weren't planned.

In any case, today we did something out of the beaten track. We went and finally ordered my very first Thai Traditional Costume. One thing I fail to fathom is how traditional costumes are generally so expensive! (You guys coming from Norway should know this well)

Even though, the Thai silk was not as expensive as the Bunad, it is still way more expensive than many of the clothes I do own! That is not including then the cost it takes to get it tailor made.

Anyways, here is my tip when wanting to get a Traditional costume done. When in doubt of how the clothes is supposed to look, refer to the uniforms of the home airline company! (Terms and Conditions Apply). They tend to have the most, trustworthy source! When you want to make a traditional suit, you generally want to get the concept right I think.

Our chosen inspiration so called.

*I rather like the simplicity of it all, there was some that was too out there, and there was some that looked like... (words cannot describe)
What I do not like on the other hand is that the Thai woman tends to be slightly more, slimmer *coughskinnycough* thus their costume is rather fitting. And because I do not have an awesome body, its like... Hrmph! Haha!

So, basically what my mum and I did was we went around the island looking for billboards of Thai Airways. Because it was like, zipper or buttons, front or back, folded or pleated, etc.etc. Haha!

Since I have been in Norway, I realize the importance of having some traditional costumes tailor made so we have something to wear to show our culture per-se. Thus, according to plan, I was supposed to get myself a Cheongsam and some Baju Kebaya as well. In addition to a new tailor made suit! I so need a new suit!. But the poor tailor lady is already trying to rush my Thai costume as it is. And above all, we have not a clue where do we begin looking for the pure Chinese silk and the clothes for the Kebaya.
Let's just say we are very un-traditional and I am really picky. I really want the real Chinese silk just as I wanted a real Thai silk for my Thai dress. How can you expect one to make a Thai suit with China made cloth right!

*Collecting my "emo Ray Ban" glasses today. I love how because there is a slight chance to get imitation goods here, the government issues out holograms and certificates to prove that the Ray Bans I bought is real. Hilarious!

Now I wonder, how does one look in this super goth look, and a Thai suit.

**Does songs sometimes show hidden emotions and thoughts? In that case, ohfuckfuckfuck. :( :P

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