Friday, 12 June 2009

048. Pictures

Btw: Long black hair no more :(

Since I am trying to fully utilize the rip-off price that the hotel charges for using the wireless, I figured I could finally upload some pictures instead!

Here are a bunch of pictures from the Malaysia 09 trip.
Only those out of the sisters' computer tho. Murphy's Law you-know. The one time the internet works is the one time I did not bring along my own computer.
Be forewarned that since we are a bunch of traveling girls, we tend to cam-whore. Thus it would be self explanatory when you see ka-zillion pictures of us.

Kayu Nasi Kandar, Penang


Mine, Joh, Joh, Mum, Joh, Mine, Mine, Mine, Joh!

Love Svensens!


Camwhore shots!


City Bayview Hotel, one of my best plates of sushi yet!
Johanne where were you?

Yes, that is Johanne up-up and away!
Regretted not getting any shots of us on Jet-skis and the Banana Boats!
It was ridiculously rip off prices! Oh wtheck.

Random note : Today could be the make or break it day to determine if I do want to follow my idiotic sister and study over in the States. :)


Nanie M. Ali said...

I think you should study in Europe :)

Catzy said...

Nice pictures! Was it in New York your sis studies? I can imagine there is a slight difference between Bodung and New York - haha! Let us know what you choose, I can't even decide for myself....

Catzy said...

Oh, do you know a guy called Per Dahl who apparently lives in Bodung btw? He's my drivers teacher :D

Thomas said...

Fun pictures! Cool seeing some of your trip!

Oh, and Camwhore just sounds SO wrong.

Lisa rock your socks! said...

My sis did study in NY, upstate NY. Lame ass place with an amazing campus. Wasn't really looking at NY as much as Wharton, U of Pennsylvania.

So, I heard about the Bodung guy from Magnar. Last I remembered, I honestly know absolutely no one lived in Bodung. Haha!

Thomas thomas, you obviously haven't been exposed to the world of self obsession and self-praise.


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