Thursday, 18 June 2009

051. May 17th

*Maybe I should just make an album, there are way too many pictures! And since it was windy it was perfect picture opportunities. Plus I was in a dress, thus its my que to be vain! 

Besides believing that wireless internet should be made a human right, here are some pictures from ages ago now that the wireless is fixed! Anyways here are pictures from the 17th of May to be exact. I know it has been backlogged for a while now, but I have been really busy and its only today we got the wireless fixed.
Next agenda : attempt to fix iTunes. 

Anyways, for those of you who don't know what the significance of May 17th is, it is Norway's national day! 
This is the day where all the Norwegian folks dress their best and celebrate this auspicious day. To me it really is a spectacle of colours and experience and is a must see. But really, all nations celebrate their national day with an additional grandeur. :)
One thing that differentiate Norway would be how there is a larger majority of people who take pride in this day and doesn't treat it as just another public holiday. 

It is also the one day, you realize that Norway actually has inhabitants, and they all happen to be roaming the streets! And above all, all the dudes are in suits and the woman are in dresses, the world looks like an amazing place. Haha!

Since it has been a while since, trying to recall what I did that day is slightly more difficult and my memories are still a little bit vague. So much things has happened since!

Here are my relocation of what happened. 
  1. I remembered waking up late and had to hustle to get dressed. 
  2. I remembered trying to convince the old folks how they should go out and party
  3. I remembered taking the train over to Lillestrøm for the Hjelmstad's May 17th lunch thinggymajig.
  4. I remembered being a tad too early, thus I roamed the streets of Lillestrøm for a little while myself, looking at all the cute babies I wish I could just pinch all the fats out of them :)
  5. I remembered meeting Magnar, looking spick and span and then realizing he looks über cute! Haha!
  6. I remembered waiting around the corner of his house to watch the Russ parade only to realize they have decided to change the route of this year's march. *coughmagnarcough*
Anyways, right after that was done we headed back for lunch with his family. It was interesting to say the least. :) I had really good food! 
If anything I remembered about May 17th, it would most definitely be the Lemon Meringue Pie! Words cannot possibly describe it, so blu-deh good! almost orgasmic!

Till this day, if life ever sucked, I shall always remember the taste of  that unbelievable Lemon Meringue Pie then life is okay again. Seriously.

Anyways, we then went over to see Thomas's performance over at the camp site. 

Hung out a little bit more over in Oslo then went home and studied for Chemistry. :(
Let's face it, I am way too lazy to write coherently now or is bothered to go through all the loads of pictures to find the ones I want to be uploaded. 

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