Saturday, 13 June 2009

049. Pictures

A bit too much make-up. :)

Whoops, Sorry Ronald.

Utilizing the internet in the hotel room again, thus here I am!
I finally finished reading Night, Elie Wiesel yesterday. If there was one book one should read over the summer, I would think this would be it.

He wrote about his experiences in the concentration camps and Auschwitz and Buchenwald. He wrote about what people fail to see in the Holocaust. But mainly he wrote so people don't forget what happened.

Elie won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986 (if I am not wrong) and this book was also one of the selections for Oprah Book Club.

I have heard a lot about that book from before, and I have been searching far and wide for it. And ironically I found it in a puddle of jumble book, for a mere RM 5! here in Malaysia!

But really, that book is really empowering. I cannot remember quite exactly what he wrote, but there were some parts that really struck me. It is usually rarely a book could cause so much emotion(?) from me, but this one does.

I remembered one part where he wrote about how he saw how babies were basically loaded into a truck, and then just basically dumped into the fire. And that was it. He so much about how his faith in God were stripped. He wrote about how sometimes, even he himself wish the father was dead, so he would no longer need to take care of him, he wrote alot about how one would naturally act in times like this. He wrote so eloquently (?) about it, that it really hits you :(

How could that happened? How come the world did not help?

In short, read it. Unless your like my sister and Johanne. They both have decided that the book was way to depressing, and thus shall not be reading them.



Thailand had loads of impurities! What did you expect?!

I am too cuddly to resist

My sister is crazily vain as all her pictures on the computer only has her on it. Hrmph. Got to wait till I get home and then there will be pictures of only me! Haha!

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Ugh. Accidentally left my cell at the office yesterday. Wasn't able to get in touch with you :(


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