Monday, 29 June 2009

059. Silly moments

A collection of pictures as random as random can be! :)
*I have got to learn how to Photoshop soon enough! License anyone? 

It all started one May morning. 
With serious signs of the long haul flights. First steps back in Malaysia. I travel so un-glamorously. Obvious signs of wear and tear

With the help of some make-up. We once again look like people with homes.

It all started out one sunny morning, and here we are 20 hours later. In KLIA.

After such a tedious journey, everything fascinated the young minds. 
Above all, the hydraulic crane to lift all our yummy food, on our last plane ride home.

Once we came to realization, that hydraulics were not as fascinating as we have thought, tiredness creeps back in. 

I have completely no idea where this is heading, but just bear with me. :)

Reached home to the long awaited dinner, only to have already eaten 3 or 4 dinners beforehand.

Apparently I have got strange ways to pass a computer over

Time for some much needed hair treatment. 

On the way to Tao! Since we are back seat passengers, what else was there to do?

Completely satisfying meal. As you can see from the two thumbs up! That's Uncle Jim btw.

Also apparent from the amount of dishes we made them wash afterwards.

Even after all that, we managed to squeeze a quick trip to the Sports Club. Where I learnt regular Daiquiri and Strawberry Daiquiri are really different things.

Meet cousin # (I am also not too sure). So young, yet she speaks 4 languages already.
Ah, my legacy is continued. (Haha!)

There we are in Thailand, still pulling a silly face. If only we knew then, that *coughJohannecough* did not format her memory card... Yeah.

Scandalous. But what happens in Thailand stays in Thailand right.Oh eww.

Then we went to Langkawi and back again.

City Bayview Hotel. Yum!

Dinner calling, shall continue this laters! :) 

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