Thursday, 25 June 2009

056. Pictures

Pictures from my camera. The different is crazy obvious! :(
Shucks... :(

First up!
Statement tees! These are the ones the sister got from The States, I love statement tees especially if there are just absolute brilliant. There are a few more from Malaysia and Thailand for various people! But I shouldn't spoil the surprise just yet right. 
Personal favorite is the Jesus one.

Simply hilarious.

Sister and I are still wondering if this is for a male or female person.
Would a woman really wear this? (Except me, but I am cool like that)
Would a man call a GIRLfriend "me"?

Because really, what WOULDN'T Jesus do?

Also since I have been home, I also realized how as a family, we do like many things similar. 

We are definitely a Clinique family.
But they really do work.
The 1-2-3 step makes wonders, and if you know me from young, you would know I had some of the worse acne problem ever. I even took pills to make sure they do not look sickly.

We also love Lancome and Estee Lauder.
Simply because it works best.
We all have got the same bottles of perfume. How is that?

Only one thing that is different is that we don't have the same styles in clothes. Haha!

We watched Transformers yesterday! I thought it was blu-deh good. None the less, the story line was pretty much somehow predictable. But that aside, it was one of the best films I have watched this year. Transformers have got to be one of those shows where after watching it, you would stare at your phone and wonder, Hrmm.... Haha!

Excellent summer film really. :) Go watch.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa! Thanks for dropping by. Saw your cbox message. Just saying hey back :)

ABBY said...

norway looks so different from singapore!
good place to travel for beach lovers? :)

Lisa rock your socks! said...

Now I wonder where to reply your comments, here or on your own blog. :)

@Samantha, Hey, it's cool that you actually read random blogs.
@ABBY, Yes, Malaysia is definitely the place to be if you do like beaches, though you have to pick the right ones. Some beaches are just plain icky. Planning on a trip soon?


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