Monday, 1 June 2009

046. Comeback

Besides the fact that my blog smells so much of stale fish. Here is my attempt of rejuvenating it.
Anyhow, its been almost a week now that I have been back home in Malaysia.
Our schedules are usually packed to the max and even then we have yet to see oh-so-very much.
I am still to darn lazy to fix up my wireless internet at home that I thus cant upload any pictures here yet. But oh well, I shall get to it soon!

I suppose I could do point form updates this time around.

Day 1
23rd May 2009
Penang Island
We arrived at about, 10.05am (local time) and was greeted by the entire dysfunctional family.
Johanne poster did not arrive (there is a funny story to this one, but we shall take that another time)
Some family quality time, didn't see very much attractions per se.
Went to the new Queensbay Mall, shopped!
Eat, eat, eat and more eat

Day 2
24th May 2009
Drove about in Chowrasta Market and had brekkie.
Drove all the way too the end of the island, only to realize half of the time, Johanne still had jet-lag and thus was sleeping half the ride. :)
Went to an amazing Japanese restaurant, Tao over in e-Gate.
A definite must try, and must go back!
Later, went over to the Penang Chinese Sports Club, for some drinks with mummy's friends.
*Note to self : Daiquiri and Strawberry Daiquiri's are NOT the same things.
Had to leave early because Johanne was falling asleep in the club itself. Haha!
Got home, sleepy.. sleep.

Day 3
25th May 2009
Was supposed to leave early that morning to Grandma's house in Kedah.
But since we are a bunch of travelling woman, it takes so much time to get ready.
(In my defence, except me.. I am always ready :))
In any case, managed to get going and went to Granny's place.
Ate, talked, sleep.

Day 4
26th May 2009
Thailand here we come!
Took a trip to Hatyai and shopped even more.
Bought loads of shoes! How can one ever get enough!
Bought loads of statement tees, basically just shopped alot.
Ate loads of good food, including the compulsory trip to Swensen's Ice-Cream! and real fresh oysters! Love my oysters!
So good! Memories!

Day 5
27th May 2009
By this time we were relatively tired, but this being dysfuctional family...
We then drove all the way to Pulau Langkawi for an island vacation.
(My idea of going to Langkawi was that it would give Johanne the old Malaysian beachey resort thing, little did I know.. Langkawi shucks). Poor mummy had to pay for rubbish!!
Though, got loads of good seafood and etc.

Day 6
28th May 2009
Yeah, food poisoning.. Me. Of. All. People. ME!
Mind you, I puked in front of like a departmental store. Haha!
I felt so horrible, I tried cleaning...
Basically, today we just took some trips to some tourist attractions. Makam Mahsuri, waste of time...
Chenang Beach, waste of time...
But wait, that was what I thought at first, but then after the stomach settled, I realized.. Langkawi was actually mighty awesome. As long as your not feeling ill.

Day 7
29th May 2009
Back to Penang!
Basically, we ate at City Bayview Hotel. This has to be my favorite pick for Japanese food too!
So blu-deh good.

Day 8
30th May 2009
Oh whoops, I think I missed a day in between.
But I am sure it consist of mighty good food, loads of shopping, hot steamy weather.

Day 9
31st May 2009
Beach day!
Took a trip to our own beach.
Johanne went Parasailing, then we all took a trip on the Banana Boats and the Jet-skis
Ridiculously fun, didn't remember how much fun the jet-ski's can be!
Suntanned and sunburnt and everything.

That should be it for now.

Today night, I think we are going off to Kuala Lumpur, and if we ran out of things to do,we shall then go onwards to Genting, but.. I doubt we have enough time as it is.

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