Wednesday, 2 December 2009

152. Christmas wishes.

Everyone loves a bit of piano. Ain't Magnar's bunny cute? <3 That is the also the blue scarf I am looking for! Magnar look! 

Here is what I told Magnar what I want as a present this year. More like Christmas wish, with a bit of twist.

This year for Christmas, I wish Magnar would teach me how to play a complete song on the piano.

And as for presents, I also want reindeers, cows, a sack of potato chips, jelly babies, Mr.Darcy and him.

*smacks self, Blog is not a place to be mushy. Repeat a hundred times over.

But, learning to play a song is also what I really want.

Honestly, I think sometimes, there is nothing is more calming then the sound of piano music. I could listen for days the exact same song and still have it on repeat 2 weeks later. I am such a sucker for this kind of things.
Now, considering, I might need to ask the same Christmas present from everyone that plays the piano and as an exchange, I can teach you some conversational Asian languages! :)

Sounds like a good idea if you ask me. I am relatively rather broke for too many gifts anyways.

Now, anyways, see how I fully emphasize a complete song.

So, lately (well, since forever really)

I have loved Enya and her piano music thinggymajiggy. It's an obsession. I listen to it everyday without fail before bedtime. So, it's a clear choice I would love to learn to play one of her song.

In fact, it is playing right now and I refuse to go sleep yet because I just found a hundred Youtube links of people playing all my favorite songs.

If you are into this kind of things too, you have got to check this out.

My top 3 favorite songs from Enya, Piano versions
(Somehow, Blogger is being anal and refuses to let me upload even though I edited HTML, wtf?)
Guess you will have to do with just clicking them. These are my most recently viewed, there might be a few more better pianist out there!

Another picture of the cute bunny and the scarf I lost!

That is the other scarf I lost today :(

Okay, no.. this post is not about how I lose every scarf I own. It was just that it was from the same album. So I had to reminisce my lost scarfs and how much money it is going to cost me for my carelessness. Le sigh*

I realize my already really bad vocabulary decreases a hundred folds the moment we are over 1 am. Fml.

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