Wednesday, 2 December 2009

154. Pictures

Since Magnar kindly labeled this folder "Up for deletion" on our Dropbox account.
*Be right back, I go plaster my torn heart first

I thought it would be only smart to save what I can as fast as I can because I think Magnar does not appreciate 1000 pictures of me filling up all the space on the Dropbox.

In all fairness, it really is only pictures of me me me me me me me and me. But he needs to learn, for every picture of me that gets remove, I will only take 2 more. *tee hee!

Question of the day : Should I try an make some eclairs?


Queen Messy said...

Yessssss eclairs! And you're such a vainpot :)

Lisa! said...

I am, really? Surprise! OMG!
You told me something I didn't know! Phwoooaarrr! :P

If it comes in pink said...

I love big Christmas trees:)


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