Monday, 7 December 2009

156. Lillehamer

I was going to write an amazing epic post about my Lillehamer trip last week, but then when I ask the Munchkin for pictures, this is really all we got. I was browsing all the pictures and really, I don't know what to say.

Tretten, Lillehamer

Mmmm,  that was Lillehamer. Epic! No?

The first series of pictures is from me eating cake. And the second is one of those Magnar experiment pictures thing.

So, did I promote Lillehamer well?

Anyways, Pumpkin and I took a rather impromptu trip over to Lillehamer a couple of days ago.

Basically at one point of the day he called and wondered what should we do today, and since neither of us could think of anything to do, he suggested we go to Lillehamer! I was obviously ecstatic, I love it when we get to go outside Oslo/Akershus because there really isn't much to do these days around here :(

Oh, How can I not adore that kid?

Well,the first time I was in Lillehamer was in March, You can read about it here

I have always liked Lillehamer, I find it quite quaint and cute. Though honestly there isn't much to be done there, I think Magnar and I do quite well entertaining each other (and his Grandmother)

I don't know what to say really, except it was really nice doing random out of the ordinary things occasionally, it makes things rather exciting to say the least.

So, not as epic as I have hoped. But oh well. I can end with the most unflattering picture of me ever! And then you have officially seen all of the pictures from Lillehamer I have.

I am so going to regret pushing the Publish Post button right about... now.


Queen Messy said...

I must say those light-experimenting pictures are so really really cooooooool. Like.

Lisa! said...

We do it too when you get home! :)


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