Wednesday, 2 December 2009

153. Music Plug

Music Plug from the past. :)

Savage Garden, my less than demonic sister favorite band.
I wonder where they are these days? I read that Darren Hayes is currently residing in London and Daniel no one knows.

Don't you wonder where some bands are these days?
Like, 911 or Westlife or Blue! Remember those boy bands? Where are they these days?
Do they have day jobs at McDonalds or do they run their own music empire?

I Don't Know You Anymore, Savage Garden

Two Beds and A Coffee Machine, Savage Garden

Yay! I figured out how to embed Youtube videos. :) *Claps self, for being such a cute idiot.


Rina said...

Don't forget The Moffatts!!! I just love and miss how innocent those old times were... Oh man... We were really so pure and stuff...

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